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  1. 15 years had passed since the last Christmas Miracle. Christmases had come and gone, day after day, each one more uneventful than the last. Evil Incarnate had nary made an appearance, and my bluebird friend had all but disappeared. Is this good, I asked myself repeatedly? For though there was no evil, there was also no beauty and light with which to overcome the nonexistent darkness. As I stumbled through alleyways and deserted streets, I began to cry. For was I even needed anymore? Had my purpose been fulfilled, and now I must simply continue my wandering until I one day dematerialize and ree
  2. The level of Satanic activity on these forums has gone up exponentially since Daniel stopped coming by. Your account has merely been infested with a trove of demons, and you've been granted the power to oscillate between accounts simply by thinking about it. This I truly and honestly believe!
  3. Clay Aiken

    A Confession

    I would simply love to!! It is true that in the setting of a sun, we can see the grim reflection of our own blackened souls staring at us from the unknowable gulf that separates this life from the next. For we are all given a hundred thousand beats of our fragile hearts to live a life that was designed for us, old woman and stillborn child alike. And if you listen closely to your heart, the "thumpity thump" will one day resemble the sound of a chiseled war veteran in a worn out stetson reciting the integers to their inevitable conclusion, and when your time nears its end, just sit back and s
  4. The night had enfolded around me. Darkness infiltrated each cell of my feeble frame, and temptresses of the night clenched my loins as the angry fires of reality's harsh gaze penetrated deep inside of me. I was lost and alone, with nobody to call my own, no home to rest my head, and sadness overcame me. I saw what I once was, a window to heaven, a beacon of light, a creator of sonic beauty that could forever change an instant in time, an instant in rhyme?? I don't know if that makes sense, but making sense had never concerned me before, so why now?? And when these tortuous thoughts had re
  5. Just one.I found myself in the regal den belonging to the Creator of the Universe himself, papers spread around, mathematical equations scrawled haphazardly on loose leaf paper, the equations that gave our reality their form. I turned to him, as he sat in his chair reclined and asked “Why??” He smiled graciously and remained silent for what felt like hours, as he munched on what appeared to be rice snacks of some sort, sprinkled with congealed love. I looked at him again, about to speak, but he stopped me in my trembling tracks when he motioned for me to come closer. He took me by the hand
  6. Before this question can be answered, we first must be sure we answer the question "What is life" and "Do I know it when I see it??" And as I pondered this question, behold a vision permeated my weary eyes. Calypso, ruler of the underworld, rose from his throne in the sea and called my name with a bellow that would tear the skin from your bones if it hadn't been stitched there by the handcrafted love of a thousand angels before time itself began. And as the echo from his mighty shout reverberated through the Universe sending the souls of men hiding wherever shelter could be found, I turned
  7. Fastidious in fortune, demoralized by despair, a young child carries a bag of bricks four miles each morning to a school house in a neighboring town. You may ask why, and the answer is as revealing as a trapeze artist dancing gleefully on a tightrope as the audience gasps in stark horror as they realize that a masked man stands ready to cut that rope and send Trapeze Tom (that's his name) to his fiery death in a pit of burning coal below. For you see this child knew something, something that even a rat in the sweltering August heat could never know. For a secret had been told unto her by th
  8. Trepidatious and trembling, I awoke from yet another dream, a dream that had spoken and shouted, reverberating through my marrow like sunshine in the darkest corners of a Siberian mine shaft. Quickly I got up and clothed my shaking body with a dazzling array of silk garments that instantaneously wed themselves to my flesh, not wanting to face what I had seen in that vision, that terrible scene displayed on the movie screen theater of my soul. And yet I could not continue. There was a demon I had to face, a demon born and bred on Jupiter's last remaining moon, groomed in the empty night of a
  9. As I awoke from my slumber, I felt a wave of joy clench around me. Even though I knew that Christmas comes everyday somewhere in the world, today was special, for today Christmas had come home. Or had it?? Looking at my calendar, I was shocked to see that there was no number 25, nor a spot where it used to be. "What had happened??" I respectfully asked myself as I shuddered at the events that had just taken place. I ran outside to see if the streets were teeming with laughter as one would expect, but alas, no sounds could be heard, not even the sound of my bluebird friend who consistently
  10. A short program of course (who hasn't??), but the holy grail of constructing an entire long program for that glorious array of sunshine I have not yet had the privilege!! But do I give in and admit defeat?? The answer is a hearty "no", and as I bellow from the depths of my loins to indicate to the Cosmos that I am still waiting for that glorious opportunity, I can but wonder, for who, and for how long must I endure this wretched pain?? As the heartless forces of the Universe seek to undo me completely, and with their sabre-toothed hate draw blood from the deepest parts of my flesh, the crim
  11. In order to understand how things end, you must first understand where you began!! Although I can't remember the details in exhaustive detail, I do know in general terms how things began for me. For I was conceived in the mind of a centaur less than three millennia ago, the very same centaur that dutifully stands on guard at the blazing center of the universe, waiting for his one command that will send him into a tailspin of kaleidoscopic chaos which Fate destined for him at the moment of creation. And as I think about his noble fight that will enfold in due time, I'm led to consider my own
  12. Color me crimson!! As the war of our souls continues unabated, an echo reverberates through the desert lands of despair and discomfort, an echo which vibrates through our bones and sends a message to the deepest corners of our souls with but one message "Catatonic though we stand, fate has destined us to a higher purpose. So open your heart to the wind that passes you by, for it is a wind generated by the Creator of the Universe himself as he rushes to grab the hand of a wayward child in distress, to pick him up from the ashes of his pain, and to say with a voice of infinite and derelict gle
  13. Thunderclaps penetrated through to the marrow of my soul, as the hail of my heart pounded my chest like diamond encrusted nails on a summers eve too soon forgotten. As I gathered my thoughts for the journey ahead, I had to wonder; where was I and where was I going?? Delightful and penetrating questions to be sure, and yet they remained unanswered through the path of my existence up until now. Even still, I was sure that though the corrosive effects of life had had there way with my fragile body for some time, the strength I had been given by a furry friend resembling a chipmunk but with a s
  14. Some say love is like a downpour in a fertile field dried by the noonday sun, while others believe it is nothing more than a twinkle from the furthest star as he bids you a goodnight with his infectious smile. I say love is these two things, and maybe more!! But perhaps it is best to be clear about what love isn't. Love is not a guillotine awaiting his next victim, or a saucy brew of longing, blood-lust, and the occasional peck on the cheek from the neighborhood whore who rarely takes no for an answer. And as you look inward toward your inner chasm of delights, and feel the radiance of you
  15. Awaking from a deep sleep peppered with dreams of bluebirds building colonies in outer space for orphaned children with three limbs or less, I, Clay Aiken, emerged from my cocoon built of sheets and down to a world I had known for so long, yet never truly embraced until now. For it was now a world that had achieved its purpose decided upon in the earliest instants of its existence, when the Creator of the Universe barked out the marching orders to each subatomic particle and accompanying prancing fairy who aided his path through space and through time. Its goal fulfilled through the actions
  16. As I lay in my bed last night, contemplating the day that had been and realizing the enormity of the task set before me, I could but only hope that some sign would direct me in the way I should vote. As sleep snatched me away, soon a vision followed. I was walking in a wasteland, cold and alone. In the distance I saw a city on a hill, and so I approached. As I entered I could feel a wave of emotion pour over me, but how it happened I knew not, though in the deep recesses of my mind neurons were firing away burrowing the impending realization into my subconscious, only to be recognized in a
  17. Sure, I guess!!From across the distant shoreline, the echoes of a love long forgotten ripple towards my turgid body as I lay motionless in the sea of abject despair. As the waves have their way with my pseudo-corpse, and the up down motions trigger memories too faint for me to completely grasp, I hear the sound I've longed for since the day I was thrown overboard by that rowdy group of opulent gentlemen I was hired to sing for, but apparently not to pole dance for. The sound waves enter my ear, the only part of my body not violated on that fateful night, and immediately my heart leaps and bo
  18. Sure, I guess!!From across the distant shoreline, the echoes of a love long forgotten ripple towards my turgid body as I lay motionless in the sea of abject despair. As the waves have their way with my pseudo-corpse, and the up down motions trigger memories too faint for me to completely grasp, I hear the sound I've longed for since the day I was thrown overboard by that rowdy group of opulent gentlemen I was hired to sing for, but apparently not to pole dance for. The sound waves enter my ear, the only part of my body not violated on that fateful night, and immediately my heart leaps and bo
  19. What a hard-hitting question!! But before I answer that, let me ask you one thing: In the heart of a bluebird there are songs aplenty to give hope on a cloudy day and a magical tune to ease the sorrow after a hard day of encroaching gloom. Even if the only one who loves you is the glittering sunset on a summer's night, is that not enough?? Perhaps in time we'll come to see the truth of it all, and as we grasp at the rainbow of never-ending delights, and bathe in the teardrops of the Cosmos as he sheds his tears of delight with you his crowning achievement, or as we meander aimlessly in the
  20. Spellbound by a thousand thoughts, this veil of tears summons the beings of darkness to my sideAs Scandinavian Ice Princesses dance like fluttering dreams around my head too soon forgottenI can but hum a magical tune to turn away the silence of my own heart The silence of my own soul But where has it gone, has it been so long?? These questions haunt me like a snake haunts the dying thoughts of a poisoned man in the Arabian desert Still I beckon the beings of light to do battle in one last fight for the good of the CosmosStand guard Jasmin, unsheath your sword, Gargamel!!Evil lurks in the c
  21. Ah, a tremendous question to be sure!! Let me begin by saying that even in the pits of greatest despair, there is often a morsel of hope that we can cling to, munch on, injest, that we might gain that much needed energy to face just one more day in this tumultuous tumult as the digestive juices of the human soul ruthlessly absorb each calorie of love and peace to give us just what we need in that moment when we truly needed it the most!! And if you hear the bluebird sing her sweet song to you today, remember that the melodies of the innocent birds are a light to guide us when we don't even k
  22. To have, to hold, to live, to love, questions like dancing ferries cascading towards a thunderstorm of neverending and infinite glee. When it comes down to the nitty gritty decisions of life, the "nit-grits" is what I call them, LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!, it is often only the child who knows just what to do, a heart undefiled by the corrosive forces of our dying planet, a soul so entranced by the gift of life that he'll look through the fog of his own feeble frame to get to the heart of the matter. And what is the heart of the matter?? Is it joy?? Is it bliss?? Perhaps it’s nothing more than a
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