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  1. RodReynolds


    Bob, please move this to the Euro / Picture (next) / Rothschild forum, thanks.
  2. I'm considering signing in with all of my accounts so I can repeatedly like that post.
  3. I come in to this thread to read boring top 10 lists about topics I care nothing for, and Brvy goes and sullies it with a post I enjoyed reading. Please restore some order in here Essay.
  4. Or maybe his favorite 17th century hymns? Or buttplugs. Either way I'll be happy.
  5. Brvy, please please please rank Suited's Christmas Dildos. We need to know.
  6. Please don't mention my name in this terrible thread.
  7. sick bump bro edit: wait, what happened? this thread was bumped, but now that post is gone, and I'm left here looking like an idiot who bumped an 11 year old thread.
  8. RodReynolds

    The Hideout

    This is why I stopped posting
  9. Musings from a Man Who Just Wants to be a Regular Poster You gotta PROOF READ your posts Essay, you're making US LOOK LIKE idiots. Fried? Give me a BREAK, don't be afraid of USING AN N here and there! (updated from a previous post, to hopefully satisfy my target audience, BigD)
  10. I think he means "Top 10 People Essay would like to be" and the people can be living or dead. For such a gentle and helpful response, please take back all those warnings you gave me earlier. love you
  11. I know you won't believe it, but that's one thing I can't do.
  12. I feel like the juxtaposition only adds to the like-worthiness of it. If I could give two likes I would. Well I guess I could do that, I could probably give 10 likes, but it's a lot of work to login with 10 different accounts.
  13. Yeah, know your audience BigD. This audience is cool with the nazis, but what we're not fond of is men dressing up as women in order to trespass.
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