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  1. I use mine regularly; except be sure to use it at POS terminals, you don't want to do cash withdrawals with it all the time unless you're willing to pay around $4 to do so - neteller charge plus the bank the atm is ran by. Also, you can use it as a calling card though most people don't need to do that and I wouldn't suggest it. It doesn't look like much to be honest and doesn't have your name on it so if someone knows your pin you're sol.Hope that helps.
  2. All i know is your signature is probably one of the best i've seen in a long time.
  3. If I ever get a card with a semicolon on it, I'm taking a picture!only play semicolons in late positionWow, these two posts had me lmao for about 3 minutes. :bubblethanks:
  4. Hi guys,I'm in Portland, too - wouldn't mind donating to the game a little. I'll watch this thread for replies - though keep in mind, I'd much rather donate playing Omaha. Otherwise, I'll be in and out lickity split with Holdem.
  5. Welcome to the forum, been there many times, kids love it.
  6. Very nice... almost as impressive as me winning 918 big blinds on pokerstars tonight. should i admit it was on the .01/.02 tables?
  7. No, it won't get like RGP, knock on wood. If it does we'll deal with it.
  8. I personally don't mind what anyone wears; whatever it is it's just a personal choice they make. Sometimes it's to throw people off; sometimes it was laundry day.I do my absolute best to not give any tells away when playing online though; I setup my son's Buzz Lightyear tent so I can hide inside it only allowing one of my eyes to be seen - the glass eye - then i use an array of smoke and mirrors for my good eye to make a millisecond glance at the table - and one hand - wearing a glove and sock over the glove - to come out and click when the action is on me. lolThe only thing I can think of
  9. oldadmin

    post removal

    There were no profits being made for this site, Daniel, myself or Jayson. Any points being made had absolutely no validity with respect to any of us. It's that simple. Period.
  10. oldadmin

    post removal

    Back from lunch with my kids now. I see the topic went nowhere as expected. Perhaps I'll delete this thread.
  11. oldadmin

    post removal

    Still waiting to see the point of this topic.
  12. oldadmin

    post removal

    I had a lengthy response to this, but it dawned on me how ridiculous this topic is.If you have nothing to add to the forum other than starting posts of this nature go elsewhere.
  13. Moderators? Actually, I manage the site and just as a moderator is able, I too, am able and willing to edit and delete at my discretion. The moderator you are referring to held that moderator status for a specific pruprose and area of this forum, Forum Poker Tournaments, which I will add are not yet official forum poker tournaments and may not be for some time. Moderator status was granted to that individual for the sole purpose of making "sticky" and "announement" topics for upcoming forum poker tournaments due to his interest in helping run them. Consequently, that moderator status has be
  14. x3000gtx has been banned from the forum, including his/her ip address. Of course it's easy to get a new ip address though so, for further reference, if anyone feels the need to represent themselves as anyone that they are not you really need to find a hobby - that is - a hobby that is true to your own identity.I'm sure more of this behaviour will come, it's a natural thing to expect on forums.Thanks.
  15. this is making me want to setup internet radio for fullcontactpoker
  16. Then you are too modest, because you were a visionary. The only other interfaces I can tolerate are at PokerStars and Pacific Poker.thank you very much - i actually have all that 2001 work saved too, it's amazing to look back and see where it all started.thanks again, much appreciated :-)
  17. I designed alot of what you see at (or associated with) UltimateBet - it's still kinda odd to me that the account area on UltimateBet (in the game itself) is still the same from back in 2001 when I set that up - I almost laugh at that design these days. Hmmph. Anyhoo. That's my non-related 2 cents worth :roll:
  18. Excuse me if I'm off-base here but I would assume that is the reason they are a limited edition - no consent perhaps.
  19. I sat with Phil Hellmuth while he was playing $10/20 Limit Holdem in La Center, Washington once. A long time ago.
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