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  1. Just thought I'd say thanks for letting me pull one on you. It sure helped my pagecount. Everybody, well make that an almost, got into the spirit of the thing and I appreciate the fun and misdirection we all managed along the way.I even learned a new term: Rick Rock. (I'm an old fart and had to google it.) [blush]
  2. Well, I guess quantity brings a variety of views and that can be damaged with exclusivity.As I said, Harrahs made the decision to monetize the process with exclusive rights. What brought that about? I think it was because they saw LasVegasVegas.com create the firestorm of following the WSOP with cardcounts and info -- start to finish. He did it with his Dad as photographer and an unknown blogger named Paul McGuire. The hits on the site were massive. I'll admit I was on of those hitting the reload button that drove their pageviews through the roof. A lot of that info was shared info betw
  3. I'll start with a disclaimer: I blog for a site owned by PokerNews, http://pokerworks.com/blogs/jkprevo/My opinion, FWIF, is that we've not compromised our coverage or our integrity in garnering exclusive rights. We played the game by the rules provided. I have no controls from the company on what I can or cannot say. From the start, that was made clear to me. I've a broad idea of the expense they've gone to to try to provide the best tournament coverage they can. The moneys spent to get exclusivity and for a large payroll are a lost leader. It is done to try to increase page views and
  4. Terribly sorry. I'll try to post a thousand lousy, negative, inane posts to get to your level.On second thought I'll pass. With the prize only the sharing of the bridge you live under, it is just not worth it.
  5. I guess I wasn't that shocked to find out either. We had a gypsy camp near one of my homes and the rumor was that a lot of them were that way.
  6. That can happen, BigD. Especially if you hit the Turkish Bath's too often. You be careful now.
  7. Really, it had to be expectedhttp://pokerworks.com/blogs/jkprevo/2007/0...negreanu-is-bi/
  8. Because of the nature of your business it is quite possible that your net worth can vary substantially. That gives a bank pause. Contact a ranking officer in the bank you wish to do business with. A moderate size bank in your area has the most flexiblity and a local decision maker. Tell them your needs and set up a line of credit. The line of credit would be backed by some form of equity--house, stocks, whatever. At that point the bank officer will 'initial' your account. You now have a preferred status with the bank and the computer will reflect that. I would imagine your accountant co
  9. Dear %%FIRSTAME%%,Team FCP has listened to your concerns on the forums and through your contact with customer service. We understand that it is important for you play with the poker alias that you want, not with a name made up by us.Isn't Microsoft Office just the best?!!!
  10. The skin actually stores your hand history in a database. I seem to recall it is in Access format but not that sure. It has been a long time since I played Poker Room. One of the record keeping programs was able to import it. I think it was a free program. Like I said, "Been a long time since I played with RM there."Daniel mentions great support and that wasn't my experience. They were experiencing 'growing pains' and the support truly scuked. You'd get dumped from a tournament or try to go all-in and get folded and the advice/resolution was, "Sir, you need to clear your cache." After g
  11. or maybe read to him from the first chapter of Harrington's book at bed time...http://pokergazette.com/simpnews/singlenew...y=1&newsnr=1512
  12. http://www.lasvegasvegas.com/pokerblog/
  13. It is hard to use generalities on any site. Look at the flop percentages and pick the kind of table you like best. Or, try the 6-player tables for looser play.Tournament tables are tighter; the blind structure lends itself to solid play.If its looking tight pick a cheap pot and showdown crap. That usually loosen things up around you...
  14. My god! The thing about low to mid pockets is that you can fold them easily. Any card on the flop pairing beat you and you tried to steal the pot. You are in a low stakes holdem game. Bluffing isn't all that it is cracked up to be in such a game. You were playing a fool but he was playing a bigger one... :)The game you are playing plays a bit better in the SnG games. And, it limits your losses when you play that way. You need to play a lot of hands and a 1-.10 SnG at UB or such will let you experience play at a minimal cost. The level of play in those $1 SnGs isn't great but it is typic
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