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  1. Another wonderful website fallen to big money. Still a fan of Daniel's. But am I the only one to say that my support for him has fallen 1 notch down?
  2. I hope to see it, I watch VH1 all the time. I cant believe I missed it!They just got done airing it.
  3. I thought it was great. They said there is 4 great reason to goto the Wynn."#2 reason to goto to the Wynn...this Guy.."It was kind of funny. I loved it. The guys everwhere. What next? The Animal Channel?
  4. I just want to say hello to all the FCP people in here. I'm new and just new I needed to post something.My favorite color is RedI like to brush my teeth in the showerMy sign is TaurusMy favorite singer is BarneyI believe that smoking weed can cure Cancer, Aids and the Chicken PoxMy favorite shoes are Nikes.I want everyone to know also that playing A-9 against 3 raises preflop is bad. Thank you. You can now debate on the A-9 offsuit 3 bets before the flop.
  5. ok..i can't figure out how to post a picture
  6. We are all previleged to our opinions but Isabella? Is that the only woman on your island? Even that, her personality would make me gag her.
  7. Tomorrow, there is a free roll tournament at PokerStars if you have a poker blog. This is not a advertisement of the website. I just figure, if you don't know about it by now, sign up. The top prize is a free entrance to a $10,000 WPT event. I"ll be trying to win it. Why not..its free
  8. She doesn't make good for poker on tv. She's not that pretty. Her personality sucks.There are some guys on the forum that thinks she's hot. Gosh, those guys need to get out of the poker room and see some real women.That asian woman she is playing heads up with right now is 3 times better looking than her. Plus a better personality.
  9. personally, i dont think you understand what a 'modulator' is or have grade 7 english credentials.7th grade, Ha!! I completed 8th grade!!
  10. Personally, I think this thing making Jason the Forum Modulator has gotten to his head. Its making his head big. Remember, you're only coattail riding.
  11. I would like to hear about the big time players that made it big and now how broke!! Admit it, we all are human. We hae some dark need to hear about the failues of others. Hey, it makes us feel better. Sick but true. So lets hear it. I keep hearing about all the high limit players. Chau, Hanson, Negreanu, Chan, Greenstein, Ivey, but someone has got to be losing. They can't all be winners. So who is broke now? We want to hear all the juicy gossip.*What happened to my previous post?
  12. http://spikedhair.blogspot.com/
  13. Daniel is wonderful. He hold nothing back. But lets all of us Members censor ourselves and not bring up Lori in this Forum. For sake of politeness and being civil beings, lets all make a vow to let him have a personal life, untainted by our curiosity.This is from a different area I wrote...but i think its important enough to list.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------DanielNegreanu wrote: I think it made me realize where I went wrong with Lori... The reason I'm a huge fan of Daniel as a person and why I keep coming back to thi
  14. Ok, here we have our hero; A barely 140 lb vegetable eating, video game playing, momma loving, millionaire. And the Characters I read he keeps running into and befriending;1)A couple of bad English speaking Intalian Mafia Crew with Leather Jackets and just happens to able to rent a car.2) A Puerto Rican Kid who is a professional driver and parker of your car and yet does not check his own tire pressure3) Big Powerful Black man with a good heart but just can't find true love.4) A sweet Hotel front desk person with AmnesiaIs there something about Daniel that just attract colorful characters. I w
  15. The way its been since i've known it is 50-50 if they put up half of the entry fee. If the banker puts up 100% I've seen its vary from 10%-50% for the player.So if you getting anything close to 50% with no money investment on your part then take it. Its a good deal.
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