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    Yao Ming rules and the rockets could go to the finals this year.For all the haters....Rox are 2-2 with the spurs this year. And 3-1 with the Mavs. The ONE game that the full team (Yao and T-Mac) has played against the Mavs, the Rox won by 30+. :D
  2. flame me for bringing this back up. :D
  3. I will be going to vegas for spring break and was wondering does anybody have any names of some casinos that spread Low Limit Omaha 8/b cash or tournament.I have seen a few 40 buy in tournies at The Orleans, and the Texas Station.I've also heard of some 4-8 8/b spread at a few casinos on the strip but I don't know their names.Anybody knows of a place that spreads 1-2 or 2-4 cash game or any more tourneys that are 80 and under? Or just list some casinos that spread the game, any limits.
  4. What if you're wrong and he has a24j or something like that? there are quite a few hands that will have YOU being quartered, so if you're not positive that you can WIN at least half a pot (good boat, or flush) why play it big? it's a decent size pot anyways, so why risk getting quartered. i'd prolly bet around 200 there, you have a better chance of getting called by something that you can WIN against. you're all in bet will most of the time get called only when you are getting quartered or if you chop it up.depends on your read of the guy, and whether or not you feel like winning big or ju
  5. I've been waiting almost a month to deposit because I'm waiting for the bonuses.Anybody have a clue as to when they'll start? What type of bonuses do they give?
  6. So, does anybody know when PokerStars starts their bonuses? WCOOP is coming up quick.
  7. What is the best deal right now for Pokerstars rakeback and Bonuses?I'm looking to deposit 50-150...
  8. Considering Daniel has recently started doing a vlog, what is everybody's favorite negreanu quote?I found mine in todays..."So I gave this lady the pound, she's like, you know, 65 and I'm giving her the pound."hahaha, get your mind out of the gutter, he's talking about handshakes!
  9. Jesus, do you not get it?lawl pokes fun at the people that over use LOL.
  10. bumped it to show some of the noobs here these letters which im sure a lot of people find amusing, but i also knew it would piss off a lot of you morons.thank you Jeepster80125, lvpro, 76clubs and Suited_Up. you did exactly what i wanted you to do.now dance my puppets!
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