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  1. Friggin hippies... why don't you go smore some more weed instead of posting such lameness
  2. Have you ever met DN?Neverwin is to online headsup limit poker what Spirit rock is to online NL poker.He will throw raw agression at Daniel, but switch gears at the right time. imo it will be a coinflip. But, I think Neverwin is a better player than Joe Cassidy. However, DN knows agression very very well, so I think he will adjust to it well. That is why I think he is a coinflip, and not a dog like most pros would be vs neverwin.As for why 500k when he is only putting up 200k, several reasons I'd guess. People saying 200k is all of neverwin's BR, that is completely false I'm sure. I watched hi
  3. His next 5 matches will most likely be against Barry Greenstein.
  4. I hate party sit n goes. The blind structure is terrible.
  5. SR has an interesting habit of bluffing all in for 10K against new players who aren't on to him. He'll let them take the buy-in, and then the next time when he goes all in with the nuts he gets it back. Of course, even SR has bad days, but it is fairly rare.
  6. Of course in Limit hold em there is no way Paul would have folded here. But in deep stack NL tournies, many different rules apply. In NL nobody likes to fold aces, but the board Paul got is one of the very very few that make laying down aces easy:"The flop is JsQsKs."First of all, the villain called a huge reraise preflop. Now, our read on villain (and it is a read any reasonable player would have formed, having watched this guys play as described by Paul) is that he is very tight in this kind of situation. A tight player who calls my large preflop reraise, I put him on JJ-AA, or AK. Some peop
  7. I was only really refuting your post about Howard not playing big games because he wasn't good enough. Howard rose to the highest Limit hold 'em levels before he had tournament success. In fact I read a Dealer's journal somewhere the other day talking about Howard playing what was known as 'the big game' at the time, years ago, sitting with Doyle and Stuey Ungar. (the game was not mixed, it was limit, Howard's specialty) Dealer said Ungar was a ****bag who threw cards and didn't understand why people say he was such a legend when he treated people like dirt. .. but I digress. That's the quote
  8. That's completely false. Howard is one of the best limit hold 'em players on the planet. He is somewhat out of practice at the moment since he hasn't been playing a lot of cash games, but even so I'd say a limit hold em game between he and Daniel would be 50/50.Quote from Greenstein's Website:"During one of Andy Beal’s head-up matches against our coalition of players, Howard and I each lost $2,000,000 to Andy. The coalition won for the trip, but Howard was very disappointed by his result. I was content to sit out future matches, but Howard wanted to prove that he had been the victim of a bad r
  9. It's much much easier to play 8 tables of limit than NL. Limit is a more mathematical game, and you can play like a robot and still win (except at the higher limits.)I've played both NL and Limit, and I like both. A lot of people like to say 'oh limit is so much easier.' or 'Oh, NL is so much easier' Well, imo it is subjective. Some people have the natural talent and abilities to excel at Limit. Some people have the natural talents to beat NL. For instance I would wager most A+ math grad student could be taught to win limit for a decent amount of cash. And on the other side, with only a genera
  10. Poker tracker has vastly improved my game since I got it. You say you're a controlled maniac and so it has no use for you... Well my first question is, are you a winning player? Most maniacs aren't. If you are, ok cool, that style works for you, but poker tracker still has uses for you. It will still find leaks in your game. If you log 500, 000 hands you can then look back at the stats on every hand you play. If you always play T7s for instance (daniel's favourite hand) It will tell you if you have made money over 500k hands or lost money. IMO you should stop playing whatever hands have consi
  11. Wow, you kids can't take a joke I guess. This is like if I told a blonde joke and some guys started telling me 'blondes aren't really predispositioned to be dumb, you should go f*ck yourself'. Just makes you all sound like lamers with no sense of humour. Even if it isn't funny it is obviously a joke, what the hell is up with the flames.
  12. That is one of the smaller exagerrations Sklansky makes. He recently made a post on his forumn where he said if he had chosen to devote his massive brain to science instead of poker he would have won a Nobel prize. Now how is that for some ego?
  13. I wondered if that might be the case. Heh, well Barry might justify the investment because if she beats you in a heads up match he might be thinking it will give him a psychological edge when he plays you 10 games. He'll probably find some way to mention you lost to his student or something. And 2 expert limit players going heads up, neither can have a large advantage. I think you'll have the advantage but it won't be huge.
  14. Wow, I didn't realize Mimi played such high stakes. Should be interesting.
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