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  1. was this online, or live? Online, I'd say you may as well fold, and save your self the work. Getting involved in these hands is something you don't need to do when multi-tabling.
  2. Alright Golden-I wasn't making fun of your age..... but whatever.Taking a shot at you for no reason (in my first post) was a real d0uchebag move on my part, so I apologize: Sorry. I know very little about you, so my opinion holds little water. And if you're having a good time, who gives a **** what I think anyway?
  3. Sorry, Godfather...... just because I think you're a loser with few redeeming qualities (and I let you know it) doesn't make me a troll. I guess you missed the part at the end of old school where the 30 year old realizes that he's retarded for hanging out with teenagers (at least in the movie they were college kids) and gets a life. I lost respect for you when teneight was getting flamed pretty hard and you hid under a rock (considering he was your good friend at the time). Then when you torpedoed Redpill's forum after he made you a mod, it confirmed my suspicions of you being a worthless p
  4. I'd like to know what you're talking about...... I'd say that my entire time here I've flamed less than 10 people, and ~95% of my flame posts were directed towards the OTC4life crew. Which was in January or February, not the summer.
  5. yeah, I'm a troll because I disliked Teneight, and didn't hide it. I thought that anyone who was a part of his "OTC4life crew" deserved to be flamed for associating with a guy like teneight. So I flamed him. I flamed them. And look... a few months later it looks like I was right all along. Teneight was a ******. You guys hate him now.
  6. This is the first time I've been on FCP in like 2 months. The forum has been in decline for about a year, but the overmoderation killed it. If you treat your posters like children, the adults leave, and you wind up with children on your site. Children who hang out with 30 year old losers in "the_hideout"- but that's another story. Maybe I'm being too hard on the new mods, I dunno. They were added when Daniel started pimping the forum to the entire online poker world, so it was probably the combination of the two.
  7. Stop crying, you idiot. Kirby had a good run. You want to cry? Cry for this guy:
  8. Here's a hint: His name starts with a J, and ends with a Chan......
  9. Son of a bitch..... No one said James Bond? Are you serious? I don't even like Bond movies, and hands down, that is the guy you want to be. Honorable mention:Pai Mei (obviously)Keyser Soze
  10. That's nothing.......Once upon a time in China, some believe around the year one double-ought three, back when I was head priest of the White Lotus Clan, I was walking down a road, contemplating whatever it is that men of my infinite powers contemplate, which is another way of saying "who knows", when a Shaolin monk appeared on the road, traveling in the opposite direction...When the monk and I crossed paths, I, in a practically unfathomable gesture of generosity, gave the monk the slightest of nods. The nod was not returned...Was it the intention of the Shaolin monk to insult me? Or did he ju
  11. I've been in a few fights, pretty uneventful, but this one time, in my Hap Ki Do class a few years back, I was sparring with this ex-navy guy who thought he was the shit and decided he had to prove it every week by going hard and fighting dirty. Usually I took it really easy on the guy (because he's like 50), but he's a dirty bastard and got me with an open hand cheap-shot to the ear (as I was coming out of my bow) which hurt like hell, So I flipped out and I just destroyed him.... I used a snap heel kick to the inside of his leg, which got him off-balance as he lunged at me, so I was able t
  12. Wow, how short did you think he was? I mean, he is still pretty short. Allen Cunningham, on the other hand, is much taller than I thought he was when I saw him playing in that Grand Prix tourney a few years back.
  13. It's the same hand, except the hero in this hand is the villan in that hand.
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