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  1. Ive actually been asked that quite a bit over the years. One gal who weve worked with quite a bit over the years thats in "hollywood" bidness got downright pestery about it. Got to the point she was about to hire someone to follow me around all the time and gather information. Pity the person who gets that green weenie. For every humorous explosion or side spitting personal tragedy there are untold hundreds of hours of boring geeky stuff leading up to it. She had the idea I could create a good motivational book. I told her that was the absolute worst subject I could ever head up. Hell, ninety
  2. Basically, youre looking at a piece of half inch black steel gas pipe capped at the end with several holes drilled in it buried in sand.... But like most things Icewater related, its the simple things that get ya. Somewhere in the warehouse archives there is a cardboard box filled with drawings, sand and mineral samples, notebooks, and orifice prototypes that document at least two thousand man hours invested by yours truly on just this very subject. Many throughout the valley consider me the foremost expert in the category. Not because I researched it so much.... mainly due to
  3. and as far as the ferrari goes, it will have the typical gas monkey touches to it. No gonna be red. Its too ****ed up to be restored. Ive already said too much. Dog on my drunken lap twit vid to come
  4. Its not easy bein me, ya know Of course my first taste was straight... odd. Im not sure why they chose that flavor. Im not sure why I chose that flavor. Anyway, after trying a few mixers I found seven up and a squeeze of lemon made a pretty good drink out of it... didnt have any sour mix at hand but I assume that would be its best use Ill be canning the straight stuff for the boat, though Jack had the right idea with the honey. Straight black daniels always had that "woo" aftertaste the honey flavor covers... Pitt always irks me the was he say
  5. I had no idea a section of craigs like that existed.... I wonder how many listings are for me on there Anyhoo... for several months now a group of fellows in Vegas has been pestering me to design and build something. This morning they somehow did. Somehow being a lump of cash. At Icewater Enterprises we only deal in lumps delivered in brown paper sacks for projects that we dont want to do... So get this... a mobile surfing machine. Trailer mounted. Size limited only to a fifty three foot semi flatbed trailer. Can be smaller, though. Somehow I have to package
  6. The kid informed me of tghen same thing... sat down at the pc and I couldnt see them either. They work fine on the iphone though. You didnt miss anything weither way I havent got a pm since this joint switched over from the bad software to the worst. They used to pop up when I logged on. Ill fart around and try to find the inbox thingy when im in better shape as of now Im eighteen deep in limes and only three are left in the dosxx box when I came in from the shop. Been spraying auto paint as well. I could win a water walking competition with jesus right now
  7. My thoughts exactly.... just limes for me And Sally, after some reading of the Cali cop shooter letter it looks even worse for the gun guys now. A few pages back I explained a little known way about buying class three stuff with a trust. Now hes spilled the beans so to speak. Better get what you want pretty quick
  8. Great... now there will be even less twenty one tables open in Vegas over this mess I have several more they may get uploaded today... One needs explanation.... as we were staggering through the brush we ran across one tombstone that was buried about a foot in the ground lying on its side. It was freshly dug up and exposed. More than likely where one of the sounds came from Also, back in the slavery days nobody wanted to spend coin on the unhired hands so their graves are marked with just an unmarked rock. Many of those were found a few hundred feet awa
  9. Yeah, its an eighty seven callaway vert Ive had for...ugh.... twenty something years now Wanna buy some prune juice and preperation h in bulk and split it with me ronnie? I plan on uploading quite a bit of stuff in the coming weeks concerning cars and restoration stuff. My current involvement is a twin supercharged veight in a jeep Bought it for the kid a year or so ago. He drove it around in the mud for a while before wanting a paint job done on it. Me being a fanatic about cars and stuff kept me from doing a simple beat out the major dents and spray, so
  10. (Beans posing as twenty one dealer) "How bout you buy a magazine and rent a gun!" Hello, sir Smog treating you well? smootches right back attcha... Last time I got in front of a crowd was in the old fitzgeralds downtown. Slimey little "theater" that normally featured some guy with parrots. A friend and myself was pushing checks back and forth at twenty one when the host brought over the "entertainment director" who needed someone to fill twenty minutes while the guy was being processed for an outs
  11. "he's read at least 6 books...." Shit. You must have a fortune tied up in cliffs notes back in school...
  12. Yeah, I sped red through the bickering stuff...Lifes toos hort for griping like a wife that walked downstairs and found that you totally destroyed the den putting together a bunch of shit you bought on the web. so the ups guy decided to unload the stuff at the house instead of the shop... i was too lazy/excited to tear into the stuff.breaking news...just got griped at again for having tools on the granite...who woke the bitch up?Anyhoo...Oh yeah, the beer bottle incident. Oddly enough, several of my friends are whipped enough that they bring their bottles to my place so the wives dont know how
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