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  1. I was just wondering why Daniel's favorite hand is 10 7 . From what I know is he won a tournament with it?Also how come the hand thats always attached to Gus Hansen is the 8 5 ?Thanks
  2. Hey.Im only 17, but a huge Daniel N. fan, I will be staying at the Wynn. Wondering if I would be able to run into Daniel or other poker stars.If so, do you know where I would run into them for an autograph or two?Im only 17, so I probably wont be able to go into the casino to look for them?LMK,Thanks guys.
  3. The milliondollar internet dude, who came 2nd in one WPT event and then finally finished 1st in another.Did he stop playing after he wont the WPT event?I mean he wasn't an exceptional player, but i like watching him.
  4. Agreed.I'm not sure you quite understand what outs are. An out is card that improves your hand. A 5 would be an out in this case-it'd give you two pair, obviously improving your hand. There are 3 left in the deck, so you have 3 outs right there. You also have another 2 outs left in kings, giving you trips. You don't factor in what opponents may have when counting outs; after all, every possible flop could conceivably give the two pair you mentioned. You do, however, factor in what outs may be less valuable. For example, say you haveK Q 7Flop is Q 7 2 :heart:So initially you would have 5 ou
  5. Is this book good for novice players?Some people say it is easily understood, while other says it isnt for starters.What do you guys think?
  6. Well, if your opponent has something like 8-9 (for a pair of 9's), you have 6 outs (3 K's in the deck and 3 J's in the deck). Your outs change depending on what your opponent has.But I dont know what my opponent has, so basically I wouldnt calculate outs in this situation?
  7. 5) So you only calculate outs when your pulling for a 5 card hand or something? I read articles on pot odds and hand odds, and outs, but I guess im dumbfounded about when to use them.Thanks again for the help fryer!
  8. Thanks5) haha I was too lazy to look for it, i new ive seen it before. Thanks.2) Okay lets just say this: You have J K, flop comes A 3 9 can you please tell me are the outs?
  9. Hey,These questions should be quite simple, but im just stuck.Here they are:1) Why is it that if both players have nothing, but a flush/straight is on the board; they split the pot. But when we have a high pair on the board we dont. So what are the circumstances or rules to splitting the pot.2) When calculating outs, do we take into account the possiblity of tow pairs? For instance, I have J K, flop is A, 3, 9. I know my J can beat 3, 9s , but what about the K losing to the A. How do I calculate this hand. ( I dont know if that made sense) Lets say it this way, even if I did count the remaing
  10. Alright Thanks,Can someone give me another example or two without the answer or something, and ill give it a shot.I have a question about counting the outs, so....lets say the flops comes 7 8 king I hold a K 5 , so yeah i might have top pair, but what about the possiblity of a two pair? Do I count the possiblity of a two pair an negative out for me?Thanks.
  11. Hey,He was talking about it during his 1 hour interview with The Score. I missed a part of it, so I only heard him talk about what the contents of the game and the book. I must have missed the release date. Does anyone know anything about when it will be avalible?Thanks
  12. Alright, so ive done more searches, and decided to give this site a shot:http://teamfu.freeshell.org/poker_odds.htmlNow I understand Calculating hand odds, but when it starts talking about Pot odds and combinning then, im lost. And I still dont understand how you apply it to the game.Novice player,Please Help,Thanks
  13. Can someone teach me the percentages or link me to some easy to understand articles. Ive been looking over the internet, but there isnt one that explains it well, like what to do. :-) Thanks,Silverwin
  14. We have 4 players left. I got dealt A K i was the button. Called the big blind. Flop came A 7 A . I check. Big Blind raises, I re-raise and the other two players fold. Big Blind re-raises and I re-raise. Turn comes something like a 3 , big blind bets, I call. River card comes a 10 . He bets, I re-raise, he calls. He flips over his cards with pocket 7s, so he catches a full house.
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