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  1. More fun being on the inside when you can gently tantalize those who aren't. Heck, we'd all do it if we could! :wink:
  2. I have done those things - donated my time and my money. Part of donating my time is trying to make others aware of the problem, like here. And signing the list will help - it will be presented to the leaders of the G8 in an attempt to make them realize the world is watching. If you had bothered to read it, rather than just criticizing, you would have seen that.
  3. I know I am going to get flamed for this, but I don't care.I think DN is a great poker player, and he also seems to care about being a good person, which I admire even more.However, yesterday people around the world gathered to try to bring people's attention to the terrible poverty still causing people to die every day in Africa. Every three seconds, someone dies from illnesses that are easily prevented and/or treated here in the US and in other parts of the world where we're lucky to have access to things like penicillin.I think it's terrible timing that, on the day that many people threw t
  4. I'll go back to my first statement - guys post and ask "where are the ladies?" The ladies are off elsewhere, posting on forums where the average intelligence of the posts is higher than kindergarden.IveyFan, I could could insult you personally if I wanted - but what would that prove? All I can think is that you're obviously a bitter and unhappy man, and it shows.I'm leaving work now so I'll be able to get away from the computer and won't have time for this. Thanks for helping me kill a boring afternoon.Daniel Negreanu has the reputation of being a fine gentleman. I can't imagine he would
  5. Well, you've all proved my point very nicely. I thought I could enlighten you as to why it's such a boys' club here, but you don't care, so why should I?And for those of you who were base enough to insult my appearance, I don't see pictures of any of you -- are you all gorgeous studs? I tend to doubt it.As far as whatever else you simpletons said, it isn't worth responding to. I'll go back to lurking like the rest of the women here...And, oh yeah, Layne Flack - THERE'S a FILF!
  6. Maybe because poker is 90-95% guys? I dunno, that's just the logic talking. :roll:True, but these boards aren't even close to 5-10% women...Hey, do what you want, but if you're going to talk like you're in a locker room, then don't whine about the fact that there are no women posting!Except for Barry Greenstein, I never see any reference to the appearance of male players, but EVERY TIME a woman player is mentioned, you guys go off on "I'd hit that" or "I wouldn't go near her" or any of a number of classless, disgusting remarks. All you're doing is reinforcing the stereotype of a certain type
  7. And you guys wonder why there are so few girls on the forums here.Go figure! :shock:
  8. I have been lurking here for months...only started posting here recently (BEFORE the pool started). The reason I am so hesitant to post here might have to do with the overall nastiness and intolerance that I see being flung around these forums daily (and I don't scare easily). I'm sure I'm not the only person who feels this way.It's so ironic - one of the true gentlemen of poker hosts one of the harshest forums I have ever seen. :shock:
  9. Ever heard George Carlin's routine about words that could be really dirty if given just a little bit of help??? LOL!
  10. But no reply from anyone with firsthand knowledge?
  11. Come on -- over 100 people have viewed this and no one knows nuthin'?! Inquiring minds want to know, folks!!! Please? :pray:
  12. As in, THE Peter Gabriel?In Your Eyes/Sledgehammer/Don't Give Up/Biko Peter Gabriel?Does anyone know if he's just a spectator or if he plays as well?I run a website about his longtime guitarist, David Rhodes (my avvie pic was taken when I got to spend an afternoon with David in London last year), so seeing him mentioned in Daniel's blog gave me a "When World Collide" moment! Anyone have any information? I would never have thought Peter Gabriel was into poker! Cool!!! :shock:
  13. Thanks for sharing this with us, Daniel - you're a brave man indeed!I hope you and Lori both find the happiness you so richly deserve. :-)
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