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    Lol, worse, the Yukon.
  2. wildo


    I'm going away for 3 months and won't be able to play any poker, I will have time to read though. So i was wondering if people could post links to what they think are the most helpful forum posts and articles on poker.Thanks
  3. FT is 9 handed and PS is 10 handed. Assuming you play AA aggressively I think this would mean that at a shorter handed table you should have a slightly higher win %.
  4. I've been following a vegetarian diet since about last November and so far its been going well, although the doctor says that my iron level is low(i think mostly caus i got lazy and didnt try to eat a variety of foods to get what I needed). I think as far as fats go peanut butter, peanuts, almonds and things along those lines should help with that and they are a decent source of protein. Peanuts and almonds both contain iron too, so I would suggest having a handful of 1 or the other every day. Also soy milk is VERY good for you too. I'm no nutritionist though so it would probably be best f
  5. you can take one of those high stakes votes out and add it to medium, I play 15/30 on Stars so I checked high cause thats where they have it listed. Didn't read the original post till after I voted
  6. thanks, I played alright but got lucky when I needed to . . .
  7. If anyone cares I won,lol . . .I live a sad and lonely existence, lol
  8. The name is wildos btw.Now in 1st with almost 2:1 over 2nd place, 7 people left.
  9. Hey guys, I lurk here all the time . . . Anyway currently 7th at the final table of the 7:30 $30 + $3 PL HE on PStars.Feel free to sweat me.
  10. wildo

    ufc 54

    The UFC is "real". They do actually fight eachother and the injuries are real. It is mixed martial arts which means that people who specialize in all different forms of martial arts fight eachother, well in the beginning that was the way it was now basically you need to know BJJ and Muay Thai to do well as most other martial arts suck ass in MMA.
  11. If DN had won some events this year and overall just did really well and this same thread was started no one would be pissed, but for some reason all of his ball lickers and nut huggers on this site can't accept the fact that he's having a rough go of it lately and feel they need to put down anyone who states that he is.Its silly and really doesn't make any sense at all.
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