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  1. The casino fills out a W-2G, regardless of how you collect your winnings. Cash, Chips, Check, Bubble gum. It does not matter. You get a W-2G, PERIOD. You get a copy, they send a copy to the IRS. And, you pay your taxes. Of course you can itemize and write off everything you can prove, Entry fees, loses etc. to help offset that, but if you win in a casino, you get a W-2G. No way around it.I hope that helps.
  2. Thanks waffles.. I had no doubt, to the tune of a $500 side bet with another member. (Already paid TYVM) GG.
  3. Sam won our match.... one stupid freaking hand.
  4. Sam_hard8 and I have scheduled our match for tonight.
  5. I did, just wanted to put it here in case.Thx
  6. So is it Sam and I next? DO we just do it I am around all night, let me know what we should do next. I am ready to go baby!
  7. OK, I don't know where you play, BUT, where I play in California, Vegas. A "live straddle" can ONLY be double the Big Blind. not 3x or more as you mentioned, and NO WAY can you "re-straddle". This sounds like a home game to me. Additionally the house will not allow a live straddle in a game where there is a jackpot attached to it (in california).Yes it is to get action, but it also buys you last to act pre-flop.
  8. I won the match between Hangukmiguk and I.GG man.
  9. Hey Hanguk..,Let's rock. you said you were ONLY available between 12-2pm your time (lol), it's 9 my time, 12 yours. Additionally, i am around all day/night so it really can be anytime, just let me know, we'll git 'er done. :DI setup our table already, I pm'd you the password. GL man.
  10. Great, We will chat later, I got your AIM. thx
  11. Yes, I just got back, I got your PM that said you had no money on there and will deposit some on Wednesday.I can and will be available on whatever schedule you need. Why don't we shoot for Thursday or if we have to we can do it early on Friday morning.I will pm you back the info you requested, my AIM ID.PL
  12. OK, I have seen it, I have read it, I am interesated, don't replace me... Hanguk... I got your PM, give me a day to get back home. I was traveling for the easter weekend. Thx.PL
  13. I think that's a great way to end it. Captain v. Captain.
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