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  1. The casino fills out a W-2G, regardless of how you collect your winnings. Cash, Chips, Check, Bubble gum. It does not matter. You get a W-2G, PERIOD. You get a copy, they send a copy to the IRS. And, you pay your taxes. Of course you can itemize and write off everything you can prove, Entry fees, loses etc. to help offset that, but if you win in a casino, you get a W-2G. No way around it.I hope that helps.
  2. Thanks waffles.. I had no doubt, to the tune of a $500 side bet with another member. (Already paid TYVM) GG.
  3. Sam won our match.... one stupid freaking hand.
  4. Sam_hard8 and I have scheduled our match for tonight.
  5. I did, just wanted to put it here in case.Thx
  6. So is it Sam and I next? DO we just do it I am around all night, let me know what we should do next. I am ready to go baby!
  7. OK, I don't know where you play, BUT, where I play in California, Vegas. A "live straddle" can ONLY be double the Big Blind. not 3x or more as you mentioned, and NO WAY can you "re-straddle". This sounds like a home game to me. Additionally the house will not allow a live straddle in a game where there is a jackpot attached to it (in california).Yes it is to get action, but it also buys you last to act pre-flop.
  8. I won the match between Hangukmiguk and I.GG man.
  9. Hey Hanguk..,Let's rock. you said you were ONLY available between 12-2pm your time (lol), it's 9 my time, 12 yours. Additionally, i am around all day/night so it really can be anytime, just let me know, we'll git 'er done. :DI setup our table already, I pm'd you the password. GL man.
  10. Great, We will chat later, I got your AIM. thx
  11. Yes, I just got back, I got your PM that said you had no money on there and will deposit some on Wednesday.I can and will be available on whatever schedule you need. Why don't we shoot for Thursday or if we have to we can do it early on Friday morning.I will pm you back the info you requested, my AIM ID.PL
  12. OK, I have seen it, I have read it, I am interesated, don't replace me... Hanguk... I got your PM, give me a day to get back home. I was traveling for the easter weekend. Thx.PL
  13. I think that's a great way to end it. Captain v. Captain.
  14. Well, I was the one who was suppose to play. I had no real $$ in the account, I informed my captain but $$ did not arrive till well after the match was over.I don't have $$ on FCP and have no intention of putting any there so I did not have any to play with unless I got it x-fered to me.It is there now and I was able to move it to the Poker account. There was nothing I could do, we were expecting it to be there before the match, but it did not arrive. Since I was expecting it to be there, I made no arrangements to get a replacement.Well, That's the reason you got a freebie, re-play it or d
  15. Nice job Allie, Mr. Poo Poo McCaptian are we covered this week? I still have a ticket. Do I read correctly that there is a make up game or 2 or 3?Again Nice job Allie!!
  16. Nice job MK, way to keep us in the hunt.
  17. According to Bluff Magazines reporting of the Andy Beal event at the Wynn. the pros are down 10 Mill. and are scrambling to get together another 10 mill to get back in the game.http://www.bluffmagazine.com/forum/forum_p...641&PN=1&TPN=10
  18. Wow, all I can say (admit) is thank god for luck!! for those that missed it (like my McCaptain out for V-Day with his Honey) I had made a bad call with Pocket 10's earlier leaving me the short(er) stack with about 980k left, I found KQos on the button and went all in. I think it was Scottyno that called me with AxBoard QQA...A...Q! that was sick.Then I owe a thanks to DD I don't remember the board xx8xx I had K8 and pushed my last 460 in, DD went over the top for about 2k I thought I was doomed. Sorry I don't remember the 3rd person in the hand.But he folded A8!!! so I chopped it wit
  19. Commerce, mostly because the Classic is there. More people, More play.The Bike is cool too, they have everything, $40 min/max NL buy-in 1/2 limit. up to bigger stakes. Commerce has the same Limit games, but I think the lowest NL buy-in they have is $100 min/max. it's a good game though.Good Luck
  20. poo poo McCaptain -I sent a PM, I am adding this as notice as well, I sent a couple last week that it appears you didn't get. So If you see this and did not get a PM.I say YES to your question. Unless I hear otherwise, that is what I will do!poo poo McLoser
  21. Hey Boss,PM sent, I sent 2 yesterday as well, let me know you got them so I know...well, that you got them.Sweet first place there, Cappy.PL
  22. Damn it I just couldn't resist one more. It is posts like yours that keep me posting stupid crap, why would I leave when I know it bothers you. the more people that tell me to stop the more I just want to keep doing it. Fish.
  23. So after being gone for 3 months I came back to visit.OK, well that was an awesome day by anybody's standards, got my post count up a few, got to argue online for awhile, that's always a blast. Made a couple Poll threads, I had never done a poll thread so that was cool, (they got locked but oh well, lol)Got some people riled up, got more people mad at me, that's always cool. Got some newbies to respond and now they know who I am, (the king baby) But more importantly you followed these useless and pointless threads, for how many hours? when you play Poker or go to work your hourly rate is
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