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  1. PokerStars Game #2491396508: Tournament #11805723, Omaha Pot Limit - Level I (10/20) - 2005/09/03 - 21:24:47 (ET)Table '11805723 34' Seat #1 is the buttonSeat 1: JW1104 (3050 in chips) Seat 2: The Brainiac (3270 in chips) Seat 3: ANDURIL fotw (1430 in chips) Seat 4: wizer1 (1410 in chips) Seat 5: txranger9 (1090 in chips) Seat 6: thumbers (3110 in chips) Seat 7: swtballa (1140 in chips) Seat 8: mikstro (1730 in chips) Seat 9: sylvester55 (1430 in chips) The Brainiac: posts small blind 10ANDURIL fotw: posts big blind 20*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to swtballa [Ac Qh Qc 3d]wizer1: calls 20txranger9:
  2. thanks zim, your alot better than me tho just from watchin you in the past....good luck tomorrow in the big ones
  3. anyone want to play, any game, any value...im me on aol, samtoolie34
  4. another one of my stupid posts huh? You say that I jump on the neverwin band wagon, I would love to see you explain this. I have like 3 posts on neverwinpoker all talking shit about neverwin, none of them saying he is even a good player. Get your shit straight...Also, blacks make up 12 percent of the population in america, yet they are 27 times more likely to go to jail than a white person. Explain that if I am wrong. Black people are the most racist people in the world. NAACP, BET, come on. If I were to start the NAAWP the idiot Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson would come out and say I was racist
  5. thats retarded....party stock is going no where fast, since it has opened it is already down.
  6. your an idiot....ill make as many new topics as I please
  7. smasharoo maybe if you werent so gay you would like the software...there is nothing wrong with it, must better than most of the other sites I have seen. I won 9 straight 10 dollar extreme turbos yesterday on Royal Vegas, it is a fish fest. The big re-buy tournamnets are fun also. I was in a 100 dollar buy in with unlimited 50 dollar rebuys, one guy rebought 14 times in an hr. You can make alot of money on the big multi table tournaments.And Royal Vegas does the collegepokerchampionship.com where you get to play free tounrmanets every sunday.
  8. Just wondering if anyone has tried this out and if anyone would be interested in splitting the sign up fee with me...or even better if someone is already signed up and I can watch a video or two
  9. aite thanks, im tryin to watch it now but its just the same video over and over, any ideas
  10. do you have to pay for it or can you just watch it? let me know thanks
  11. I worked as a waiter before and I still wouldnt of tipped them anything. Like many people have said before it is ridiculous to ask the players when they are being cashed out if they would like to leave a tip. Is 1,680,000 not enough already?I can guarantee you that even if there was a tip of lets say 100k it would not be equally spread among the dealers. The tournament director would get the most, then down the chain. I take that back, I would of left a 5 dollar bill.
  12. This is going to be alot closer than you guys think it will be. Neverwin is a world class limit player. Consistently wins at the 100/200 on pokerstars, and dominates at the 300/600 on UB. I hope Daniel owns just to shut up those fags at neverwinpoker but you have to respect the face that neverwin probably has more cash game winnings than daniel
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