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  1. On Poker After Dark Daniel was running through the players and he stated that he had played Jerry Buss heads up. I am assuming he meant as part of his challenge matches, with him being the wealthy "John Doe." Did anyone else pick up on this? Also this would mean that Daniel was stuck $493,000 to Jerry.
  2. Or perhaps the guy who consistently claims that he has absolutely NO regard for money isn't talking about his biggest money win at all. He could be referring to his biggest win ever, as winning against an elite field such as that of PS3. I didnt see the exact wording, so maybe I am off base, but I wouldn't be surprised if Mike wasn't talking about money at all.
  3. All these views and no replies...hes gotten to all of you already...
  4. Didn't you read Running Scared about Steve Wynn? I dont want you sleeping with the fishes.
  5. My friends play a single table tournament, usually 8 or 9 people every week, but it seems every time I go there they hand out different amounts of chips and change the blinds whenever they feel like it. Does anyone have any links for suggested single table tourney structures or does anyone have any suggestions for a structure and starting amounts. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Congratulate me, or flame whichever you prefer. I am just stoked that they thought I was good enough at cruising forums etc. to give me a raise. =)Joe
  7. My God...those are gigantic...like...wow...I dont even post all that often, but I couldnt not comment...
  8. When does TNA come to Spike?Ultimate Fighter 2 comes on Spike tonight for the first episode. Last years was good and the fight between Forrest and Stephan was probably one of the best fights UFC has ever seen. This year they have heavyweights on it too. Should be a good show.Coming sometime in the fall, not too sure when. They have a bad Saturday night time slot though. Maybe they will have reruns at better times.
  9. Don't be weirded out, they have recurring jokes over there on 2+2 some of which arent even funny at all...like they always like to talk about kicking someone in the nuts...like...a lot...
  10. That is a two plus two thing, He was most likely waiting for a response of "Sup Bro"
  11. I feel like i should chime in...i know entirely too much about wrestling, the big 3, indy promotions, japan, mexico, just too much. My name here is a wrestling reference. If you really enjoy wrestling and not just big muscular guys that the wwe think "have the look" you should check out Ring of Honor. TNA has also been stepping it up lately, most often doing it by bringing in Ring of Honor's talent. Somoa Joe is by far the most entertaining wrestler out there today. AJ Styles is great, Christopher Daniels is awesome. Give TNA a chance when it comes to Spike TV...I dont think youll be disappoin
  12. Mora Grissum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I think you also forgot one of the best lines of the movie, referring to Lucas' Powerglove, "It's so bad"
  13. I am 21 Smash, and at foxwoods all too much...and about River Street .. it doesnt appear they are extremely open to letting just anyone know about the place. Meaning you have to "apply"I dont play there, and I prefer a big casino atmosphere anyway so i dont think I ever would. If you want to apply http://www.riverstreetpoker.com/
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