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  1. daniel , what was the game u mostly played when u were in toronto building up a bankroll , before u hit it big?i would guess u played limit hold em with some nl tournaments added in ,,,,, if so elaborate if not can u please let me know what u did , tx
  2. throw the biatch to the curb ,,,,,,best advice yet!!
  3. gotta give him credit ,,,,,,,he'll be living like diddy soon.........lol
  4. so in other words daniel is gonna be donold trump rich cause the site is constantly taking in huge sums of money 24/7/365.. dont get me wrong thats great for danny ....it;s just so much cash that its hard to wrap my brain around.....i mean in a year or two hes gotta banking tens or hundreds of millions of dollars
  5. but its his site and he makes a large majority? i mean owning a 24 hour cardroom such as this means daniel gotta be making money every second of the day ,,,,,,,i wonder if he just lent his name or if its his totally with maybe a few investors
  6. does daniel actually get all of the profits of this site or not ,,, if not who does
  7. i guess poker means very little to him now huh?
  8. its obvious whats wrong with dn,,,,,he's forgotten whats got him here and he's more focused on the business end ,ala phil hellmuth ,,,,,,,,
  9. is that a response to my question,,,,,,, or are u just a dumb bastard?
  10. is that a response to my question,,,,,,, or are u just a dumb bastard?
  11. hey all,, listen i think daniel is a great player,in fact he's my favorite player out there, but lately he seems to have lost his focus. he really is not having a good year,in fact i dont remember him winning one tourny this year. i remeber dn telling hellmuth not too long ago that hellmuth's game was pathetic in this one tourny and dn said it was prolly because he was worried too much about the fame aspect and books and stuff, and lost focus on what was important and what got him there ,,,,POKER,,,,, do you guys think daniel is falling onto the same trap as he said hellmuth was ,,,,,,,,,,,he
  12. who is this guy? i'v been seeing him writing articles on alot of sites about how to play poker. he talks like he knows everything about poker yet i'v never seen him do anything to prove it. does anyone know what his story is, other than him preaching on how to play omaha and 10 20 hold em had he daon anything?
  13. i spent two days at the pool in tunica with clonie .,,,,, together,, me and her and my friend and u would do her even without makeup......... besides she was extremely nice and friendly even invited me out to dinner with her and a coupler of her friends ,,,,,
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