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  1. I am back and ready for action. I have been off FCP for a while, but am looking forward to reconnecting with some old NO competitors. I won a hat and a shirt for the points race a few years ago.
  2. Pokerstars 20 + 2, 180 player final table. 7 left. Scottrude 31604093
  3. Turbos force people to play move in poker. Regular sit and go's on Stars are very profitable. I run a spreadsheet on all of my SNG's, 30+3, 20 +2, 50+5, and especially 4 handed 35+3's. All easy games if you have patience. Since August 18th I have played in 165, cashed in 76 with a net gain of $1492. I play 4-5 at a time, so my hours are only 41.25. That is $36.17 / hr doing something I love.
  4. I am really starting to love heads up limit hold em. I jumped on the bandwagon, and it is the most fun I've had in poker in a long time. Not to mention silly profitable. Just playing 2-4 I have taken 7 or 8 peoples full buy in. One guy tonight for like $165. As for DreamDouche requesting a rebuy I say that is absurd, when people sit short stacked I know all the money is mine, just a matter or time.. And every time it has been true so far. And if I feel that the other player is playing especially well, I just quit playing tell him he is too good to play and start another table a bit later. It'
  5. I'm ready to go. Been out of the NL loop for a while grinding out limit dollars. But I used to do ok, so i'll give it a shot. I'll see if I can get my suck out skills going. That is suck OUT biatches. I will Greenstien my Thumps if I win (not really looking for some Karma help). I do though promise to put on my Thumps the theme from Rocky and remember all the people I beat while driving down the freeway.
  6. A few people came and went, heads up is pretty fun. I cleaned out two people one for $40 and one for $100. Nice.
  7. this is killing me everyone pwns everyone else. what the hell?
  8. Ray Powers said it all. Read books, and learn the game in it's entirety and you'll change your mind.
  9. Now that is funny, Ive done it a few times and lol I mean literally lol.....
  10. Man the difference between the posts here and in general are unreal. Well thought out responses with pros and cons with out one "you suck at poker" post. I like it here lol. Good exchange on this one, thanks.
  11. I should have been more clear. I am not suggesting taking shots (plural). I am suggesting a one time situation that help build resolve at your current level. Screech is dead on in my opinion. This game is about discipline, and it takes ultimate discipline to play 10-20 then go back to 3-6 or 2-4. I played 10-20 at a table with 4 people that had $240 or less in front of them. So I bought for the same. Figured they werent too comfy at that limit either since they had so little on the table. Just a suggestion for those that can afford to blow a few bucks in trade for extra comfort and confidence
  12. OK flame away all naysayers.What I am suggesting here is not because I don't understand bank roll management. It was an experiment that I did, and think it has some real merit. It is NOT for everyone that is for sure.I normally play 2-4 on pokerstars. I noticed that when I move up in limits to three six, I do not play as aggressively (therefor as good). So heres what I did. I played 5-10 for a day. Then I played 10-20 for an hour. Now 3-6 is as low stress as 2-4 used to be. I was however fortunate enough to play well those sessions with no major bankroll swings. I understand the risks here, an
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