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  1. After nine months of dicking around in stt and small mtt, winning with tournament strategy and little poker skills, i can finally stop this nonsense because i have finally figured out how to be consistent winner in limit cash games. I was just wondering, how long did it take some of y'all before you were proficient in cash games. Am I some kind of mental deficient because it took me this long?This is a flame free thread. I'm obviously not bragging, if anything i am putting myself down, so nobody here needs to bring me down a peg or two.Thanks tons,Chicago
  2. sorry guys, i didnt realize y'all had gone through it. I thought it was hellmuth for sure, but gus hansen makes sense too since he actually plays with todd. on the other hand, i dont think gus has ever won a bracelet, so by definition it cant be him, can it. And todd has not known him for fifteen years for obvious reasons. So by definition it is not gus hansen. But Hellmuth doesnt play with the big boys, correct? So maybe it is an amalgamation of gus and phil.
  3. From an espn articleIt's totally meaningless,'' Todd says. "It only recently became a big deal. What matters is if you win or lose. It's how you do at the end of the year. You see these guys win – I want to name somebody, but I won't – he wins all kinds of bracelets and at the end of the year, he's broke every year since I've know him for 15 years. No matter how much money he wins, I wind up with all of it. He wins all the bracelets, comes to play, then I get his money (in cash games).''http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/poker/colum...teve&id=2094077
  4. seriously, when did everyone here become a big douche who takes themselves (and thier time, apparently) way to fucking seriously.
  5. has anyone here done the math on how high the jackpot has to be before you are getting +ev? just curious how high you guys think it has to be.love, razorhate
  6. ouch. im out. im an idiot. was tilting from the PP 1:45, when I got like 72nd because the blinds got so big. damn im dumb
  7. im in too. under RedmondBarry. Im gonna look for you now. (ps, a fiddle of gold for first person who correctly identifies what Redmond Barry is a reference to.
  8. So that makes them not as good of players for some reason?give me a break. dont be so sensitive to things that arent even there.
  9. why would that be weird? I assumed everyone else does it too. If I'm debating whether or not to pursue a lady, she has to pass the bald test. If I get repulsed imagining her bald, then I wont pursue her. Well, i should say that this is what i used to back when i was in shape and desirable. Now I'll screw any girl who doesnt have three inch fangs in her love nest. Thats right, i said love nest. Oh, and she still cant be fat, but now I'm more into ugly than ever before. I hate my life.
  10. Of course not you stupid asshole. Idiot.-Chicago
  11. he is saying that he likes the site a whole bunch and that he checks up on it so often that it often interfers with other aspects of his life. word.boobies
  12. lol, no its not. my friend has allowed me to be more specific. First off, I had Evelyn, so it looks like im winning that one. he has Cloie Gowen(sp?).as for the number one reason, he says the width of the face, and i say the size of her boobs. just my humble opinion though.
  13. If everyone's head were shaved, which female poker player would look best bald? Please answer, i have a thirty dollar bet going with my good friend. the sooner the reply the better. I also have a fifteen dollar side bet as to the number one reason why a women would look good with a shaved headboobiesthanks,-chicago
  14. good points. i didnt remember the women's only event. didnt know about the media event. thanks guys
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