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  1. ROFLMAO and I'm holier than thou . . .
  2. What about oranges on the table? Wreaks of unfair advantages . . .
  3. Then lets call it entertainment from here on out, because that is what it is.
  4. Yeah because producing a thesis on this really clears it. up. Give your head a shake and don't hide behind weak arguments.
  5. Where did I say drugs are rampant in poker? That's why Doyle is offering to buy the WPT, DN is pushing stacked and FullTilt is creating live made for TV events. You need to come back to reality on this one. Most games are of chance and skill - you think poker should exsist outside the rest of the world. Which is a fair and valid opinion, but then you shouldn't watch the WSOP and stick to backroom games and championchips built by road gamblers. Cancel your ESPN subscription. I don't want to control anybody. I just don't want to hear that there are users participating in poker tournaments a
  6. I've made no assuptions other than saying drugs can enhance the concentration, stamina and focus of a poker player, and that is supported by medical evidence.(or they wouldn't let pilots take billion dollar jets out all hoped up on the stuff.)
  7. Don't you see how there wouldn't even be speculation if there were testing?I'm not saying he was. That was a suspicous video but inconclusive. I just don't want to hear about it and HONESTLY think it would be a good thing if we kept the drunks and user off the tables. Even if it means losing producers and some excellent talent. Fair but the WSOP is supposedly about winning braclets and being the best. I think to recognize the distinction there should be standards set. And again poker is being pushed mainstream by the pros. Should there be drug testing in the olympics? Simple question. Me
  8. 1. Because I'm a drug addict and its the least harmful drug I've found. Drugs destroy one thing or another and pot is a way of minimizing that damage.2. My post is because unlike in snowboarding where pot has no affect, there are deffinately drugs that help poker players. It seems unethical. I don't think it will ever happen, but seriously consider if they barred Ungar from winning his last championship. How might the last year of his life gone differently? without a half million in cash?
  9. Well if all we here is that pros can't make it in a feild of 5900+ wouldn't drug testing limit the feild? Wouldn't that give pros a better shot a final tabling? Wouldn't that make for better TV? or doeswatching the mouth play 8 unkowns get your rocks off?I think it would be in the interest of any sport/game that want to conductitself professionally to have a code of conduct. Does drug testing make for better baseball? Probably yes, but these guys are role models (just as poker players are) and should be held to a higher standard if they want a chance a the most prestigous award in the ga
  10. This with someone whose world obviously revolves a little to closely around smash's dick
  11. I'm one of them and I see no clear advantages. I thought poker was a game of skill. It's so funny how you guys are acting like this affect poker in such a major way. The pros are taking poker mainstream, I'm asking if this is a logical extension of that. So if your pissed about how popular poker has become, take it out on the pros . . .DN, Doyle, team FullTilt . . . that's not my problem.But the FACT is poker is becomming mainstream and the pros would like to see more of that. To be taken seriously there should be acceptable and unacceptable conduct. And you guys argue in favour of drug
  12. Maybe the greatest poker player alive would have straightened himself out before going out like a chump. Maybe we would have got to see years and years of Ungar playing. Wouldn't that be something for poker.In the immortal words of Napoleon Dynamite: IDIOTS!
  13. There is a difference between a professional game and amatuer bs that doesn't matter. Unless $7.5 Million is on the line at your bowling league. But that's not the point. I could think of few drugs that might aid bowling, whereas usefull drugs to poker that aid in staying up and staying focused has a whole catalogue of drugs.
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