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  1. Just yesterday I finally got fed up trying to figure out what a hollaback girl was, so I googled for it. This link does not really satisfy, but seems to be as close as i could get.http://www.slangcity.com/songs/hollaback_girl.htmMy own read on it is that it is a "promiscuous" girl who, the day after a one night stand, says "call me".
  2. Crying is a bit much, but maybe only a bit, considering how much people seem to want that title, and how much cash was at stake. He'll take some grief for that for some time I suppose.I am not conviced his statement of playing perfectly for 3 straight days is bad though. Misphrased certainly. How often do you make a play and then realize you screwed up? He may very well have spent 3 days not making that kind of play. That does not mean he was playing perfect, he most certainly wasn't, but he may well have been playing as perfectly as he knew how to play. I'm sure he'll take grief for that lin
  3. I seem to recall the razz event lasting til something like 6am or 10am or something sick like that. That said, if you made it that far you can afford to play tired in your favorite event I suppose. :-) I am not so sure they would never have enough players to make three days when it takes an awful long time to narrow down the razz field once you get a bunch of sensible players. It is just the nature of the game. I also thought that the non-holdem events were going up in entrants each year much like the holdem events were, just not as fast. If the WSOP folks can have just a bit of patience inst
  4. The razz tourney is 2 days ahead of the stud h/l tourney. Are they kidding? Since these tournies all seem to last 3 days now (4 days next year perhaps?) this seems a bit too close together for me since a lot of the players will want to play in both. Getting to the final table in your second favorite event, and not being able to play in your favorite event as a result seems dumb. But even if you make it to day 2 and then get eliminated, you are likely to be exhausted and not at you best for the next day's event. How about seperating the few non-holdem events a little more. Holding still more o
  5. Name the 80's band that had a hit called Walkin On Sunshine.
  6. Ok, you were clearly paying more attention than I was. I basically agree with what you just said. I still think this episode was one of the worse ones, although the previous one that you mentioned was truly the worst. This episode Howie did some funny things, I guess I was hoping for more from him as he is a really funny guy.One good part of the show is when Phil Gordon explains what they are doing wrong/right. When the show first started my short-handed play got a lot better thanks to some of his insights. Some of the WPT final table players (not the pros) could definitely benefit from some
  7. I was watching Celebrity Poker Showdown on Bravo last night (aka the Phil Gordon Show) :oops: There was Meatloaf (everyone called him Meat, including himself), Howie Mandel and 3 others (to borrow a phrase from Superstars II). At one point meatloaf said something like "it's time for FullContactPoker". He was not refering to this site though. Unfortunately Phil didn't say "Hey, by the way, that is Daniel Negreanu's Website". :evil: That was the highlight of the show in my opinion. All the players were male. What's up with that? Not only did the poker just suck (as usual) but not much funny
  8. What's up with the PPT? :? They ran 5 PPT events and still they are not on tv? Why not? I can't believe out of the zillion tv channels out there that they can't sell them. Are they unable to sell them for a high enough price to make a profit? :shock: If they are unable to sell them for a profit they should just sell season 1 dirt cheap instead of getting nothing for it while sitting on the shelf. In the dirt cheap tv contract they give the tv station the rights to option it for further seasons, but they have to pay a *percentage* of what they make on commercials for the future shows, or some
  9. That's all of her they're going to show? I know they interviewed her, hmmmm. Maybe the ESPN poker producer is gay? Not that there's anything wrong with that....
  10. They are showing event #2, the NLHE event that she made the final table at which also features Scott Fischman and Allen Cunningham and the Devilfish.They are also showing the next event that happened, the PLHE event.
  11. To say it as a fact without talking to Lisandro is a bit preumptuous. Paul (the other Phil) Phillips likes to stir controversy. This does not mean his "read" is wrong of course.One other explanation is that his gut told him that Ivey thought that he (Ivey) had a strong hand. If so, his gut was right, although his strong hand was not as good as Lisandro's strong hand. While it may not be too plausible that someone could get a tell on someone like Ivey, it is plausible that a "feel player" might feel like he "just knows".Lord knows that the vast majority of the time that my gut tells me my opp
  12. your a looser four maikng thIs up!!!!!P.S. I haven't laughed like that first thing in the morning since, well, nevermind. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
  13. No. Buy a deck of cards if you don't know the hand rankings. I think bicycle brand come with a ranking card.I really hope you left off an (sw) somewhere.I have no idea if he is serious either, sounds like it though as it is a weird place for that comment.Anyway, for those of you who did not learn poker in the cradle liek some of us (i.e. very young anyway), one of the CardPlayer videos from the wsop had an interview with James Woods. I don't recall how he got into this, but he revealed a method to remember the order of some hands for those who for some reason can't quite get it.San Francisco
  14. I don't normally give grammar lessons cause I basically suck at grammar a bit too often. I especially avoid grammar criticism online 'cause who gives a rat's ass about typing? That said, you really need to learn how to use sentences.
  15. Going through some back posts are we? :roll: You can't sat diddly without offending someone, may as well say what you mean. No offense to Bo Diddly by the way. :?
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