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  1. Paul Phillips is a logical person. Christianity (and many of its followers) base their lives around illogical concepts (such as faith in something you can't prove exists). These illogical people usually get defensive and decide that they "don't like" someone who actually knows what they are talking about, such as Paul Phillips.
  2. And the Top 4 were.... ??? (I got like 35th, and I'm just curious if the guy who busted me, -Asia-, made it or not)
  3. *Bump*Any info anyone? Has anyone received their prize yet?
  4. Hey, sorry to be a pest, but I don't frequent FTP too much (too busy with school and work). I was wondering if anyone could give me a status update with whats going on with the prizes? DN said anything? Anything at all you can tell me would be appreciated. I'm not around here enough to catch the daily threads and the search engine didn't give me much.
  5. I got 6th in that WSOP contest that Mr. Negreanu put on this past summer. The prize was an XBox 360. I haven't really heard much since I won. I submitted my address, but that's been about it. Curiousity and impatience finally caught up with me enough to ask: Am I really still getting it? If so, when? :-) Sorry to be a bother. Just hoping I could get a little info about this. Flame away.
  6. Same Experience. Oh well. Free $10. This is just a Pokerroom skin anyway.
  7. I dunno. It depends. I mean you could have perfect reading abilities - and still bust out on Day One of the WSOP. If I was 98% certain that I would win the 2006 WSOP by saying "yes" - then I would absolutely say yes - take the money - and run. Good question.
  8. Amen. It's so frusterating how people say stuff they have no idea about in these forums.If I had to guess: I'd say he owned a very large percentage of himself. Contrary to popular belief, the guy isn't a bum druggie who's being staked by friends. He can play - and he has a pretty respectable self-sustaining bankroll. I'd guess he had 90% of himself - and just money-swapped 10% away to friends. But again, this is just an educated guess.
  9. I'm at the Rio now. Played some 1-2 NL yesterday that was a pretty typical game - not too easy, not too hard. No one cares about 1-2 though.The biggest game at the Rio yesterday was 400/800 2-7 Triple Draw. While this is a big game, it's not monsterous by comparison. I think most of the biggest games take place at the Bellagio.
  10. I'll be there, baby. MIGHT play Event #43, otherwise just playing cash games. July 8th-July 12th. Say hi if you see me. Tall, orange hair, very young, probably a polo shirt on.
  11. I'm on tilt. See below.________________From: fakekramer@gmail.comSent: 2005/07/06 19:55:27To: support@pokerstars.comSubject: I Was Wondering If You Could Tell Me......what the capital of Zimbabwe is. I'd appreciate it very much. Thanks.Ozone23_________________From: PokerStars Support <support@pokerstars.com>Date: Jul 6, 2005 7:15 PMSubject: RE: I Was Wondering If You Could Tell Me...To: fakekramer@gmail.comHello Cory,The citys name is Harare.Regards,LarryPokerStars Support Team!!!!!!!!!! :-) :? 8) :twisted: :wink: :!: :!:
  12. ....either a complete badass or just white trash.Watch this video, and cast your vote:http://video.cardplayer.com:8080/video/vid...o/070605_01.wmv
  13. I like Josh Arieh - so it pains me to agree with you - but yea - these shirts suck.
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