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  1. Daniels blog was spot on, and I agree with it 100%. Kudos to you Daniel, for having the guts to step up and say what alot of us think!
  2. I have accounts on most sites already, but I want to sign up for rake back. How do you go about doing this? Also, I haven't played online in over a year. What are the good sites out there now as far as most bad players? I mostly play low-limit NL and low to medium limit LHE. Oh... is it possible to buy into anywhere with checking cards or credit cards? Thanks for the help in advance!
  3. As a Vegas poker dealer, I couldn't have said it any better myself
  4. I deal poker at the Luxor. Come and jump in, its a fun room. Its mostly lower limits and the players are about the worst you'll find in Vegas. We also have $60 sit n goes, but the structure is pretty fast. The players are bad enough though where if you play TAG enough, you'll get your money in there in some good spots and cruise. We also have 30+3 MTTs every day at noon
  5. Actuary,If anyone got defensive at all, it was you. The second I challenged your reasoning about raising the flop (not saying you were wrong mind you, just my view), you got very assholeish/defensive with your sarcastic reply. Don't try to play like you were kidding now.You can have your precious forum back now. Sorry you felt so threatened. Bye.
  6. I wasn't intending to answer my own question. It sort of just made sense after I was re-reading what I wrote. Thats all.. then when I replied to the reply about raising the flop and why I thought it was an error (why I THOUGHT.. never did I say IM RIGHT and YOURE WRONG), instead of agreeing or making a counterpoint, he got all pissy. That started the onslaught. And one thing I don't put up with is people who think they are better because they have more posts. Thats the single most retarded thing on the net. We're all here to learn, no?
  7. And who the **** are you. last I checked, this is Al Gore's internet. Not yours. For your info, it wasn't me who started in with the attitude. Go back and read again. How dare I post a hand history about limit holdem theory and ask opinions on...limit holdem theory Discuss the hand, or just keep it to yourself. I don't care how elite you think you are because of the # of posts you've made here.
  8. Well.. The post was asking the best way to play it. So apparently you couldnt have taken too much time to read it But Im glad you so expertly knew how to play it at first look, since a few of the high stakes limit pros at NWP couldn't even agree on the best way to play it. You must be a superstar. TP/MMAll I was saying is that after thinking about it and talking about it, I've come to my own conclusion that it was played right. Thats all...discuss.
  9. Already did. He said hes too busy. Anyways, seems you are upset? By cutting down odds, Im talking about the pot odds Im offering the button and back to the others. Thier odds are worse on the turn for 2 bets then on the flop. Not to mention if you raise the flop, there is no getting away from the hand. The pot would be too big. If you wait to raise the turn, you can get away easy if its a scare card. Also, this isnt the first post Ive made about this. If you read my original post, you would have read that its been discussed elsewhere. Sorry to bruise your ego.. but maybe post from start to fin
  10. Ok, I think I figured it out. I think I played the hand perfectly. If I raise on the flop, it doesn't protect my hand at all. The button can still cold call 2 bets and get his odds to draw. And, If I raise the flop, it also builds a big enough pot on the turn, that they could call 2 bets again on the turn and drawing is still correct. But its not nearly as correct if I wait till the turn to raise. Its a very close call for them at that point. The pot odds could be close (Still slightly correct), but the prospect of me already possibly having the straight (or me having 2 pair or a set cutting d
  11. Interesting hand at the Binions 4/8 the other day. This hand has been bothering me and I've asked a few of my buddies their advice on the proper way to play this tricky flop. It was a very loose/passive game. UTG+1 calls, UTG+2 calls, I call in MP with A T , Button calls, SB calls, BB checks. So with 6 Small bets in the pot we take a flop of 8 9 10 SB Bets out, BB Folds, UTG+1 calls, UTG+2 calls, I call, Button folds. Turn is 4 SB Bets, UTG+1 folds, UTG+2 calls, I raise, SB Calls, UTG+2 calls. River is 2 SB Checked, UTG+2 Checked, I bet, SB Called, UTG+2 folds. I won the pot with
  12. Oh Shana by a country mile. She just has that natural sexiness. I think Courtney kind of looks like a dude at certain angles....
  13. Yeah, shouldnt you guys know this by now after all the times you've played with him?
  14. I've been a poker dealer for 5 years now, and as a dealer, I've seen this happen exactly 1 time in 5 years. Yet I've seen it happen online several times, maybe 8-10 times and I do not play online very often. As a dealer, there is absolutley no way you can convince me that something just isn't right about online poker. Not a chance. Now, don't get me wrong, im not saying the sites are neccesarily rigged or anything, but something just isn't right. Maybe colluding player bots, bots that work for the sites, colluding players on mass scale, etc, etc. I don't know. Something just "isn't right". I
  15. Yes. You are definitly better then Phil Ivey. He should really work on his game so he can gain your approval.
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