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  1. Asia CarreraAlyssa MilanoSalma HayakI probably mispelled all of those. I need some ceffeine.Ray
  2. That happens to me too. I blame Daniel. I mean, its his site...Ray
  3. Hey fryer,You better be careful here. You might hit 5000 posts before Sep 8-9, and how are you going to do the beer challenge when you have lit yourself on fire?Ray
  4. I don't beleive that you hit the post button three times. Does that count? Ray
  5. Since it slowed down, I figured I'd go with the results.I called, although I still have people trying to talk me out of the call, including a pro tournament player. I'm trying to understand his perspective, which seems, at its base, that he beleive you should play Defense in tournaments and worry a lot more about not losing chips than in gaining chips. *shrug*Guy one had AQo, Guy two had Ac6c. I guess he called hoping to isolate and assuming the first guy had trash. Small blind had pocket tens.The board basically bricked, but I caught a 9 along the way, so I won the two side pots to get back 1
  6. True, but I think its like a story without an ending if i don't eventually say what happened. :)Ray
  7. I did call.I thought my pot odds were pretty good, and the oppotunity to more than double up, plus knock three people out, was excellent. A big thought for me also was that all my outs are live. I expected everyone to have over cards or a pocket pair, giving me a good chance to hit my draw. I think I would be more likely to fold AQ in this situation because my outs were surely taken...Still looking for more advice. I had some friends telling me they thought it was bad so I want to get more opinions. I'll post the results later on today...Ray
  8. This goes without saying, but:Don't let him put you on tilt before the match even begins, which is pretty much what he is obviously trying to do..Ray
  9. Last night I was at a MTT and the following came up and I am questioning my play. It seems really basic, but there is the harsh reality that I may just be a donkey.I am in the big blind with 6500 or so chips. The blinds are 400/800. The 6500 is what's left AFTER I post the big blind. There are seven people at my table, and we are down to two tables. Payout is only to top three players.First player goes all in for 2600. I read him as a tight player getting frustrated.Fold, Fold. Next Player goes all in for 2100. He is a bad player and overvalues his hands, but I don't expect him to go all in w
  10. Actually I don't think there was any flames. Some stupid comments about shooting him... but no flames.....Ray
  11. I can't load up poker software at work. Good luck tho!Ray
  12. Mental Note: Talk to Zimmer first thing week of next year's WSOP Main Event signups......Ray
  13. Dude, the AQ was a clear favorite according to the poker calculator. :roll: Ray
  14. Grats! I just passed five myself, hoping it stays as good as it has been.Ray
  15. o. well damn maybe if I could read I'd be better at this....Ray
  16. Well, I'm glad it wasn't just me on this one. There was a raise and a reraise preflop, and it means chunking off 25% of your chipstack preflop with a 35suited. I would have folded.If some insane urge to 'defend my miniscule blind with $40 more' does strike, unless a deck full of clubs hit the board, I think you need to bail out on the pot, even with top pair. Perhaps I am too weak tight for your limit game. *shrug*Ray
  17. No offense, but I think this is a horrible idea. First, you are the runner of this event. Not handling this yourself is a cop out and will undermine your authority.Second, a vote will do nothing but divide your peers on their feelings towards this event, and will create a rift between the players far greater than you just making a decision. The people who voted for banning will stop coming if they didn't get it because they will no longer trust the game. If they do get it, they will be resented by the friends of the cheater for a long time to come. Whereas if you just make the decision, people
  18. Yeah I know exactly what you mean. But for the past seven years I have run card tournaments (not poker) as a profession, and I've seen people make some stupid mistakes. I've also seen some people do full 180's. I've had people banned from my events for a year or two come back and make good, having had a couple of years to grow up and buy a clue. And I've seen the opposite where they just get banned again a few weeks/months later. The events I run aren't the same as poker in all respects, but the parallels are close enough that I can understand this guys situation.(By the way, for those of you
  19. In life, I'm willing to believe people make mistakes and I'm willing to be more forgiving of that sort of thing if they seem genuinely apologetic. From a business standpoint however, no second chances (the business in this case being poker). I can see your point of view, but I also can easily see that the cheater was unlikely to look at it from a perspective of "cheating his best friends" but much more from a perspective of "beating the game." If he is genuiinely apologetic, and can realize what he did was a major screw up, as his friend I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt.As the
  20. I don't know how you can ever figure out how much he owes who, so paying back money is rather difficult. I would have to go with a perm ban, though. I cant see any way anyone else can trust him at this point, and letting him back in is just going to drive out other players. Your personal relationship SHOULD be unrelated to this. I have assholes that are good friends. I have saints that are good friends. Him not being able to play in your poker game should not adversely affect the rest of your relationship because he brought it upon himself. If he can't take responsibility for that fact, he's
  21. Mmmmmm Alyssa Milano.... *dreamly look*Ray
  22. Mail order bride url and rakeback rates?Ray
  23. Refund PolicyIn order to redeem the money back guarantee a minimum of thirty days must have elpased since the purchase date and time of request for refund.'Elpased?" Do I have to live in Texas for 30 days to get a refund?Ray
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