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  1. Who doesnt think their opinion is always right?duh
  2. Actually, the opposite is true. While a single volcano can emit a greater amount of pollution then man made pollution in a single instance/short period (for example in the early 90's apparently mt st. helen was the biggest pollutant in the state of Washington for a period of time), every year there is 50x, or even more, man made pollution created by the world population, versus the pollution created by volcano's.Thats what I've found to be true as far research/what I've read.....if you find something that dis-proves this I'd like to see it though-P.
  3. Feel better about yourself now?"take care"
  4. See, this is where I have a problem...You have someone telling you to do one thing, or believe in one way, yet they live their life completely opposing what they so vehemently stand for....But yet that isnt supposed to matter?...For a fun and eccentric little analogy, lets equate that to Daniel blogging that none of us should gamble, or play poker. It's multiple cases and issues of hypocrisy here, not just the fact the guy travels by private jet _everywhere_ he goes when he has to travel....I still believe strongly if he really gave a damn he would lead by example, but I digress.... I just los
  5. Despite my original post, I actually kind of like/respect Gore....I even voted for him, but it was more of a lesser of evils type of thing, as I despise Bush....But I was a fan of Clinton. The whole political 'game' is so jacked in my opinion though, its getting tough (impossible?) to really get alot of good people to do the "right" things collectively, and consistently.This whole sensationalism of global warming is just kind of 'hoaxy' to me though. Granted, at the same time its a very serious issue....It used to be an ice age was coming, now apparently were all going to melt, and I remember
  6. Great blog Daniel, seriously, it's good to know people are compassionate about "doing the right thing" so to speak, as it becomes so rare these days.....My only problem with the whole mess is the walking hypocrites we have running/campaining in this Country. First off, Gore travels the world promoting his movie and "message" about saving the earth, all the while traveling by private jet essentially ruining his message. Sure this guy needs "security", but c'mon. For what he's promoting he should/could be traveling first class on a commercial airliner....Do as I say, not as I do though huh?....H
  7. Someone needs to change out that deck...
  8. I disagree personally....While I thought I would like Kaplan announcing these games, I have found him kind of annoying actually, only in the respect that he talks way too much when it is not needed sometimes, but the most annoying thing is the audio mix...his mic is way too loud and the table action is too quiet...I dont need to hear him blabbering about hands and talking over the players, I would much rather hear the table banter, but if he would just occasionally stfu for a few it would be nice so we could hear some of this...With the introduction of hole card cams, and the generally educate
  9. Those would be fun to have for some home tourneys, and they came out really nice....Unfortunate that Chipco can line up the edgespots on the chips, thats kinda lame and the only thing about them i dont like...Still love to pick up a small set of these eventually.
  10. I've been having problems with cashing out at bodog since I started playing there.....anyone else?This is the only site on the internet I have ever had problems with...Their procedure/policy is pretty lame, and their tactics are unethical in my opinion. If anyone else has problems i encourage you to complain to them, as I have done several occasions and maybe they will resolve their issues.If you are wondering what it is, I used to deposit on there directly through my checking account...when then trying to cash out to my checking account, it would not let me until i verified my checking accoun
  11. Thats wierd that someone was accusing him of cheating...I wonder why they were....It did strike me as funny that he kept asking this one guy that sat in on the table at FT for their aim name during a 4 handed game, and for no reason...He asked atleast 3 times wanting to know the guys aim name.He didnt look like that horrible of a player from what I saw though...In fact, he looked pretty disciplined and was smart with his play...ive seen him make several pro's look bad recently...Perhaps they underestimate him.Its obvious he's on a good run though-P.
  12. that made me smile.that would be astounding!lol, i know...i feel like an idiot for thinking that, but what else is new...I have seen some ridiculous amounts on max buy in tables before, and sometimes I would wonder.Too bad you cant keep yourself logged in at a table overnight, and come back to it in the morning-P.
  13. it's limit holdem, no max buyin. . .Oh, duh...I really never knew there was no max tables at Party like that...I always used to play the 100 or 200 NL games mainly....I was gonna make a deposit there for fun if I found this table with that much dough on it...damn
  14. Seriously, how is this possible?Someone really sat there for like several days building that up or what?
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