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  1. I run a DVD on the monitor right next to the game. This way im always looking at the screen. Works for me
  2. This person from Gcc donst seem to be as good as the other guy. This one is chunken it off quick. The other one was at least a slow bleed
  3. Did they each start with 100k or is there a reload yet? Is my grammer ok? if not feel free to flame
  4. 5 bucks 10 player password 420time
  5. Someone start up a tournament on FCP. Lets play some poker
  6. gilbertology took me out with his krablar to my ak of dimonds preflop
  7. what time can we start to register and is there a password
  8. I like the site overall. Played 3 good sessions in the last few days all 3 table shorthanded ring, my only complanint is you really have to look at the bet before you call. Takes a second to get the actual amount. 1 by looking at the chips that are in front of the player to your right or its printed very small under the action buttons. Just takes a extra second or so if figure out the amount that you are caling. other wise i like the site. most of my Roll is in Paradise and stars so iv never seen or played on this skin, but i think that the play is very weak. No complaints about that. Ill
  9. well just about what i thought. 3/4 post good 1/4 flame
  10. I hear you Govanator. By the way Nice catch with them Pocket 3's I guess everyonce in a while the fish catch the fisherman huh.
  11. I think that by him coming back to the house and saying sorry, i think that goes a long way. if he didnt do that then i wouldnt be asking for advise. But he did do it and my read was that he was sorry and felt bad. Now thats not a excuse for him doing what he did. I think i will leave it up to the players in the game. This Thursday if he wants he can come over before we play say what he wants or he can choose not to show whatever. Then leave it up the guys what they want to do. ill have them vote. Ill abstaine and let them determine what the deal is and there vote will stand. But if there goi
  12. Thanks for all the Info guy its coming fast and furiou. I figured i would get flamed myself a littel but. We Do cut but with 2 decks going, raking pots and ballgames ( 2 tv goings ) hey some people throw out a knock he took a shot that they wont cut they didnt. But now that there is a proplem ill make the cut cards and cut mandatory. As far as me not knowing how to run a game anyone is welcomed and im sure you will not find a problem i have to admit that my game is pretty dam good
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