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  1. can someone please tell me the website to the free money for the first real money deposit to party poker for 100 dollars... sorry again and thanks
  2. Well for anyone who cares, I just got back from vegas for the first time ever. Stayed at Caesars. Their new poker room is alright. I played 2-5 no limit the entire week. I ended up winning 2475 for the the trip. Not so bad. I really likede the action at the Wynn. I think the most surreal thing was when i went to the Bellagio and saw Doyle, Gus, Chip, Eli, Todd, Chau, and a couple other familiar faces. It was crazy watching them play 3000-6000 mixed no limit. Saw David Williams at Caesars last night playing 10-20 no limit4..ALl in all. Great trip, lots of fun and lots of hott chicks.
  3. what is the site where you get the free money from party poker.. like instantcash or something
  4. whats wrong with HOOT. Seinfield is hilarious. If i can make you more jealous, I am actually going with my friend. He called and said his parents are paying for everything. First class airfare, our own 2 bedroom suite. VIP passes to PURE. 3rd row seats to Jerry. and 1st class dining. Cant beat that.
  5. Not here to brag really, just to say that I am going to Vegas on Monday for the week. Staying at the Caesers. Also going to see Jerry Seinfield, who should be a hoot. Is the Caesars poker room open yet? Also, what sportsbook do you think is the best? What clubs should my friend and i go to? We have VIP passes to PURE in Caesars. Other than that, its my first time so i want to go all out.thanks for any help
  6. yeah i havent played there in almost a year.. guess thats why they gave me the loot
  7. so i get home from work and i open up my email and what is there... an email from partypoker saying that they have given me a FREE $50. i have started playing with the money and i have now turned it in to 102. did anyone else here get this surprise?
  8. i was wondering if anyone knew a good estimate on when the ceasars poker room would be open. i am going there dec 26-30. just wondering if it would be open then. thanks
  9. 6. contrary to popular belief, the donkey is always right.
  10. i personally like the overbutton. i feel that if i am playing at a 5-10 i will play a better game if i am in a little higher action. obviously that is. you can always get a couple of guys (or girls) in there that will just push money around at the higher limit to act like a bad a$$. that is when i like to wait for the perfect hand and catch them speeding.
  11. you guessed it VIVA LAS VEGAS. my friend calls me yesterday and asks if i would like to go to vegas. his parents got us first class tickets and a nice room at the win. i am going from dec. 26- dec 30. i know everyone asks where are the greatest games and all, but i have never been before and would appreciate it if some of you who are familiar with vegas would let me know where some good games are. this is my first time going.i play 5-10 limit6-12 limit10-20 limit1-2, 2-5 no limiti would also like to know where some good tourneys are. if you could please reply of message me with some info, i
  12. if i lose what i have now.. i am still happy cause i cashed out 1000yall should look in to bodog... great games and lots of action
  13. another tide fan i love it. didnt look so great tonight, but a win is a winrolllll tide rollll
  14. for anyone who cares i am writing this. alot of people on here write about their own bankroll, so i thought i would talk about mine. here is the quick story. i got tired of always losing online and decided i would put my last 150 in at bodog. i started playing at the 2/4 just to see what would happen. after two days i got my account up to 700. i then moved up to 10/20 to get a little more excitement going. i got my account up to 2000 in 3 days. i am playing pretty good poker. i find that the higher limit keeps me from chasing draws. i cashed out 1000.if anyone plays at bodog let me know
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