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  1. I may play one of the smaller events and also try to satellite in to the main event. I was fortunate enough to play the main event last year and would love to play it again if I am lucky enough to get the dough together. The structure is great, you start with $20k in chips and the levels are 90 minutes so you really get plenty of time to play properly. Good luck and hope to see you there!!!
  2. I am going to assume that all of these posts are just because you think it's funny that people keep responding and that those aren't really your thoughts.If they are really your thoughts then you sir are a Neanderthal! LOLWe accept your apology!!!I want some noodles on my hippo!!
  3. Yeah you did defend him, but that's only natural and yes you will be up to a billion posts in no time!!Welcome to this wonderful disfunctional, make the Simpsons look functional family we have here at FCP!!!
  4. Since there are so many people watching and or chiming in on this topic I am going to temporarily hi-jack the thread for a good cause.POKERHave you all either emailed and or written letters to your Senator's regarding the bill that has already passed the house that would make it much, much tougher for us all to play this game?I assume there is probably a thread or many threads about this here but I generally only check the main forum so sorry to put this here but it's important enough that we all make our voices heard that I will risk the flaming to add it here too.Okay resume the regular topi
  5. If you read her response she pretty much explained it all. Nothing wrong with her coming here to defend him. Doesn't make him look like a "wuss" at all, it makes her look very good to be backing up her man and makes them look good that they support each other. The key is for them to act just like that after they have been together for 5, 10, 15 plus years!
  6. If you play enough live, you will see pretty much the same crap you see online. We all could site hundreds of examples of seemingly strange stuff happening in a live game.It always seems exaggerated online because you are seeing many more hands dealt then you do in live game. Plus we always seem to remember the bad beats, but rarely do we seem to remember or cite the times that we have a crap hand and get lucky and suckout on some poor *******.It's not rigged period. Too much at stake for too many people to lose to rig the game.They have enough problems most notably the possibility of it be
  7. Jim,You are truly a very fortunate man to have a great lady like that walking side by side with you. NO sarcasm! Great story, glad you had great friends to share the ups and downs with. I go to Atlantic City by myself as my wife has no desire to set foot in a casino so I envy you in a good way that you are fortunate to be able to go with friends and a supportive lady.Good luck to both of you, sounds like you are on the right track to a long and happy marriage!
  8. I was not familiar but I am now and feel I am a better man for having discovered the hippo with noodles on his back!!You never cease to amaze DNA!!Funny stuff!
  9. It is interesting how so many people don't understand Blackjack. Excluding Poker, Blackjack is the ONLY game in a casino where if you employ perfect basic strategy and play with favorable rules you can bring the house edge to almost even. Many people incorrectly assume that Craps is the game with the best player odds in a casino. The house edge ends up being negligible around 1/2 of 1%. This is without card counting, simply playing PERFECT basic strategy which is not difficult to do.However you CANNOT deviate and play hunches. Blackjack is all math and if you play perfect basic strategy th
  10. I don't know about the Borgata tourney but the Taj midnight tourney I believe usually pays around $2,500 to $3,500. It should suit your style but be prepared for quite a few very loose players. The last time I played I was knocked out with Ace, King against a player calling with Queen, 6 off suit and catching his 6 so you need a strong stomach but it's cheap so if you catch some cards you may do well.Have fun and good luck
  11. There are plenty of great tournaments down there. I have not yet tried the Borgata $500 yet but the Tropicana has a tourney that is $100 +20 with one add on that pays $10k for first place if they get 100 or more which they almost always do on Friday's.I like the games at the Borgata but can't agree that I love the new room yet. It is very nice room but unless things have improved I think the service was terrible.Although they have 85 tables many were closed when I was there on a weekend because they did not have enough dealers. The drink service was just so/so and they have one pretty dumb
  12. Wow what a long thread!Bottomline I think the entire issue is not really about whether or not the suit is good or bad for Poker. It is simply about an individidual's rights to protect his image or brand.The release allows the WPT to use their image. Everything is all well and good IF they don't.What if they do use their image for a produt that they find objectionable? They need each other, many of these players would not exist as celebrities and the WPT would not exist without many of these players.It is easy to say well if you don't like this highly restrictive rule then don't play, howeve
  13. If you are going to be a wise guy and fix his post, how about checking your own spelling!!!Believe is spelled Believe.
  14. This was truly a wonderful FAIRY TALE and brought a tear to my eye!
  15. It has been a long hard road for Stacked. PC and Xbox shipped. PSP and PS2 due to ship next week.Lot's of reasons for the delay, most recently was because Atari who was supposed to be distributing/publishing the game for Myelin Media lost it at the last minute.Now it is being distributed/published by Southpeak.I don't have very high expectations anymore for this title based upon the pre-books which have been cancelled but if the game turns out to be as good as everyone expected then who knows it may sell okay.Good luck Daniel, hope it does well for you!
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