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  1. Weekend at Bernie's IIWORST EVER!!I win.
  2. Right on brotha!! Right on!!Well, I graduated college and got my degree. I do not believe in god. I know this may offend a lot of people in here, but I more believe in the scientific creation of life on earth. Therefore, I'm not afraid of some "god" striking down on thee in great vengiance for what I am considering.
  3. It might seem obvious, but you'd be wrong in this instance.You said she's 32, and has children.My cut-off age has ever been, is now, and probably always will be, 26.So the question would be moot.Well the oldest I have been with is 24. I normally dont wonder over 22 if I can help it. So I'm wit ya on dat bro.Anyways, just b/c I've cheated on every g/f doesnt make me a scumbag. Maybe I havent found the right girl yet. Who knows. And I think yall are looking at this married chick as some old married mom in a wrong way. She's a hot looking girl that wants me. Wait....I guess I am a scumbag...reali
  4. brutal. at least it was only 250 hands. could be worse.Just take the rest of the night off and recoup tomorrow. We all have losing nights/weeks/months. EVERYBODY!!
  5. Spademan, I know what you would do . SO dont try son.I've seen some very well said posts so far. I do believe that I will be in the wrong in this situation. I have cheated on every girlfriend I have ever had and I'm sure that this will come back and haunt me for the rest of my life. This is pretty much the response I got from my "other" forum I post at sometimes. Geez, am I really a scumbag?(oh, the god bless thing was a little "sw" for DN.)
  6. Well, I just starting dating this one chick. Its not like I've never had a good looking girl before. ITs just I really want this one girl. I know that is bad, but she tries to talk me into the whole situation. I am not looking for anything long term with this girl and I'mpositive she isnt either. But, if she's going to do something like this wiht another guy, shouldn't it at least be me?
  7. Dear FCP,I come here asking your advice on a situation. Let's say you meet a very very attractive bartender and you want to pursue the situation further. Well, one night after you've had a couple you ask her out on a date. She replies with "I'm married, BUT!!??!!, you can just call me up here and we can do something". Ok, I know it is already sounding messed up a little bit. So I asked a few buddies about the situation and they all said that I was being a dirtball if I did this and whatnot. So I let a few nights go by and I went and saw her again. I tell her that I thought about the situation
  8. LOLReasons this post should've never been made1. Freeroll2. Not that bad of a beat3. FRIGGEN FREEROLL!!
  9. Ok, transfers aren't counted as real money deposits. But as an affiliate, you can get an option called quick cash and that counts as real money deposits when you send new sign ups money. The $25 profit you will make off each player will only get paid if you are an affiliate and generate enough MGR from existing players each month. So its not as easy as it sounds.
  10. I may be able to get Neverwin or Dan Druff to call in for ya.
  11. I'm in....Macon MarcYou get paid each round for finishing in the Top 3. Or at least thats how it was the last one I played.
  12. Now that is the best game for any console, infact, because of my horrendous poker run, I started playing it again two days ago. Sweet lord.super smash bros for n64, I would pwn anyone at that game if Im allowed to use ness.also nba live 2004 for ps2 I'd take my chances against anyone in that gameOcarina of Time my friend, can't beat it. :wink:Ocarina of Time & Golden Eye all the way Zelda pwns!! Nuff said.Golden Eye pwns as well.Anyone know anyone that beat Wind Waker without using the book? I just think it would be impossible to beat without the book showing you where the triforce shards
  13. 3 Step Process:1. Get 2000 FPP's2. Email Support3. Email me naked pics of your GF. (marc@partypokerhelp.com)Thanks.
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