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  1. Of those 3 choices I would fold. I think we are missing some choices though.One would be to call with the intent of pushing ANY flop. Another would be to make it 3,400 to go. A true min raise. Force him to define his hand preflop. Allow him a chance to make a poor decision. He pushes ...you know he has AA or KK. He calls...he has QQ- 1010 or AK, maybe AQ. Or worse.He pushes preflop...you could actually fold at that blind level with a 3200 stack remaining. Just a thought.BTW... I think the original limp is usually a poor play in that spot.
  2. Nice hand except for the lol when your Royal got paid off.Try acting like you have been there before instead of some snot nosed child.Grow up...it don't cost anything.
  3. Like I said...he called the turn bet with 5 high....white knuckling for a spade. Spade rivered...no good.You are a fucking idiot, totally.
  4. Oh really ?One spade on the flop ....hmmm. No draw.Ohhhh spade on the turn...guess he only needs one more, huh....chump ?So...for your little brain...runner runner means turn and river. Since we knew the turn card...he was hoping it would go runner runner.Anything else douche ?
  5. What happened ?You are a donk who called the turn hoping for runner runner spades. You got there. It was dogmeat. See why you should have folded on the turn ?Any other questions ?
  6. And you picked Annie ? Her inane dribble on Poker After Dark this week makes it almost unwatchable.Kathy L. ????? What about her is watchable ?Stop trying to think.
  7. 2488... havn't played a single hand passed the flop.
  8. I'm in... I play as Binions Pal on FT.Lets see an FCP'er take one of these.
  9. I'll be there for the month...guess i'll stay with you ! lol
  10. Anyone want to show love. PLO8 on stars. # 48887744peace.
  11. You get to have sex with Mikey !!
  12. As a fellow gamer ( Half Life 2 ) ...I can relate to the mouse thing.I would recomend the " Logitech G5 " gaming mouse. Has removable weights...a programable thumb button ( great for quick weapon switch in deathmatches )..." gaming grade laser optical " ( whatever that means ) ... and an extra long braided cord. They have a wireless G6 version....but i just love the G5.Peace.
  13. If you knew his cards ...fold.If not ...probably call.Poker is easier when you know the cards.
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