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  1. You have an "I am at work account"? Paranoid mofo. :PYou still playing at all? Or just Off topicing and chatting hockey?
  2. Nutz,I remember you. Yah I was Keller's assistant for a while, and ran his site for him.Chrozzo,I have 3 Guinness in the fridge, so will go with that. I also have 2 Becks Oktoberfest just calling my name, and 3 Budweiser american ale... not calling my name.
  3. Suited, I saw that post and found the coincidence hilarious, so I replied.
  4. We have a chief beer officer now?! Sweet! What beer should I drink tonight? I prefer german dunkels, but have a wider variety of tastes.
  5. The fact that this thread has about 500 posts since 11/28 kind of discredits the lack of activity Steve is talking about. :PHowever, as someone who has not been to the site if probably over a year, and who just randomly came back to see this thread, I think I can comment.My reason for stopping activity on the site was primarily to get Keller's site up and running, and all of my effort went into that to make it work. When his site eventually closed down, I was on a down trend in my interest in poker, and pretty much stopped playing for a year and also stopped visiting the various forums.After a
  6. So, I was just going along, minding my own business, when out of the blue homnig from the old Kelley forums instan messages me, and we get to talking about old times. I give him updates on some of the people I know from the hold forums (Hitch, Palimax, RaidenRadio and RedShirt), and I notice that I haven't heard from Sbriand in a long time. Homnig mentions that "he probably still hangs at FCP."Wow, haven't thought about FCP for a while. I think the last time I had was when I noticed Nikki as one of my friends on Facebook. I remember the good chats with dna, Nikki, Steve7Stud, (occasionally) Da
  7. I live to serve. I could see this thread was going totally in the wrong direction for General Forum.Ray
  8. Only one thing really reminds me of Tilly.Ray
  9. Worst in recent memory.Villain was the entire reason I was at that table. A horrible player who would make these plays all the time.http://www.pokerhand.org/?1060439Ray
  10. Are you talking Saw Flop % or VP$IP? A VP$IP of 17% is absolutely fine. Also, it's four hours of four tables at full ring. Variance could easily account for it.Ray
  11. Define "nominal fees."I've had two articles published in cardplayer under someone else's byline, for references.Ray
  12. I admit to not being a subscriber, but I have heard nothing but good things from people I know who are subscribers. Nothing but good reviews.Ray
  13. Hey Daniel,What's for lunch?Ray
  14. Although not a huge BKICE fan, I totally see his point here.Toilet, think of it like this:Vegas: Hookers, Blow, partying, gambling, hanging with friends and an exceptionally fun time you will regret missing as one of the last great spontaneous things you still get to do while in school and not trapped down with real life.School: Homework, and sitting at home, probably masturbating to porn.This really should be no contest. You're young. Go have fun.Ray
  15. Ditto for Thunder Keller. Figured I'd say it before someone else did. :)Ray
  16. Regarding it being just Vista, nope, I get the lag too on XP. And it's 100% unplayable with Poker Office right now, even just one table.Opening the cashier however, does not seem to effect me either way. I saw that post, but I don't think the cashier thing is widespread.However, I can't seem to win at poker lately no matter what, so maybe it's better this way. :(Ray
  17. Watching Pokerwire coverage, loosh is playing super tight right now, or just not getting involved in many pots it seems..Ray
  18. Good report and not too long at all. Thanks for sharing it.Ray
  19. Well, Mat did ban him from 2+2 recently, so it's entirely possible this is really him.Ray
  20. Note that there will be haters whether you were running away from your past or not. This is "general." :)Ray
  21. The nice part about playing microlimits limit games is that you can watch porn at the same time and still be playing better than most players....Ray
  22. Agreed. The fact that it was even compared to a Justin Z was silly. I don't think the thing is a big deal at all. But I figured if people wanted to read about it they could.Ray
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