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  1. Who is really in position to buy the WSOP brand?The two big players in the casino market were Harrahs and MGM Mirage. Harrahs is being sold off and MGM Mirage has an exclusive contract with the WPT.The only other possibility I can think of would be the Wynn.Ideas? Thoughts?
  2. Yes, the law sucks but it's likely illegal and impossible to enforce.The law is only applicable if the entire action takes place within the state (the online poker room originating from the state and all the money remaining in the state, presumably even Neteller would be a problem). Otherwise they are trying to legislate interstate commerce which is out of their jurisdiction. Basically, there shouldn't be much to worry about. However, I am not a lawyer.
  3. Yes, the fact that they openly disscussed it makes it collusion.
  4. OMG Online Poker is rigged. I mean in B&M casinos they play 9 handed and online they play 10 handed surely the two cards dealt to that 10th person change the outcome of each and every hand.(SW)But on a serious note to the OP (and I know this explanation is probably useless) it doesn't matter if a card is burnt or not. As long as nobody has seen it a dealer could pick a card from the middle of the deck and it would still be as random as the hand with or without the burn card. Basically if you haven't seen the card it has a 1 in 50 chance of being any card not in your hand.
  5. Can I get a definition for TP/MM?
  6. Didn't Daniel write a series in CardPlayer about the dangerous of irresponsible gambling (gambling while drunk and losing a significant portion of his bankroll)?You can't really say that the prop bets aren't a meaning full amount of money, I mean he talks about being up or down over $100,000 in prop bets. They're meaningfull but really it's not like he is risking a his last pennies on $5 million matches of Roshambo just for the thrill of it.
  7. CrazyBut seriously who is the second guy on the top row, the glare is screwing up my vision.
  8. I disagree. For the most part they are catering to the people you are complaining about. The only restriction on chatting with the pros that would make sense would be that the person wouild have had to have made at least some sort of deposit i.e. you have not people that just download the software and start chatting. Otherwise you are just penalzing a large percentage of your customer base just because they do not play at a high enough level.I do like the idea about chat sessions as a prize thought.
  9. First I apologize for bringing this topic back up.I just recently noticed something that Matros failed to bring up in his article. He mentions that one of the arguments for folding is "If you’re a good player, you want to use your skill to find a better spot to get your chips in." However, he never covers in his article the times when a player well make the laydown, find a better spot to get his chips in with and still lose.For example, a player folds in a 55/45 situation (which Matros states is incorrect) and then then next hands finds himself in a 75/25 situation. The player has successfu
  10. I don't know, he's one of those people that you either love or hate or you think they're alright.(Yes I know that joke was really bad.)
  11. A few comments on the TOC.- It's interesting that the 3 exemptions all made the top 13 with Doyle in, at least the top 10 and Hellmuth having a good chance to take the whole thing down. It futhers the case that the exemptions are taking away significant equity.- I don't have any confirmation but I read over at the 2+2 board that Pepsi is sponsoring the event and they are the ones who requested that Doyle, Chan, and Hellmuth be added.- Card Player reported 114 entrants; so that's 109 qualifiers, 3 exemptions, and who are the other 2?
  12. I think the most likely scenario is that either his contract had a clause that allowed him to play at other casinos if the high limit action did not move or that there was some sort of renegotiation in his contract.
  13. I understand that Harrah's has a lot of HE events because they are more profitable. What I don't understand is why they don't host more of the less popular events in much the same way they did Razz this year. If I am not mistaken there was a regular tournament that day, starting at 12, and then the Razz tournament at 2. Harrah's could have events such as HORSE, SHOE, triple draw, PLO8, or even Badugi start at 2 the days of some of the earlier, $1500 events. Also a TOC style event (mixed games until the final table, then NLHE) could also make for good TV.
  14. Apparently yall like Celebrity Jeopardy.So here's all the episodes.http://www.smithappens.com/video_celebrityjeopardy.php
  15. Apparently this railbird was NSXT2.http://www.pocketfives.com/DFCE6516-2EF2-4...9771ADF024.aspx
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