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  1. Badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger MUSHROOM MUSHROOM badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger SNAKE SNAKE OH ITS A SNAKE its a badger badger badger.......
  2. also, I've never seen a 5/10 limit table in vegas.....unless no limit.
  3. And another thing they might not tell you, is you don't even have play a tournament, they will pay you in RIO chips and you can just cash it out and leave right there, if you are so inclined.
  4. They Run a 4/8 HORSE "Type" game in the new Treasure Island room, they call it tropical twister or something gay like that.
  5. When did Mortenson become affiliated with Full Tilt? I've never seen or heard of him on there?
  6. Vegas is a VERY international town, hopefully someone from europe that has done this will post eventually, I can't imagine its that difficult.
  7. I showed up 50 minutes late, and they still let me in, but I was blinded away to 800 to start, went out within 40 minutes. With 600 left and blinds at 25/50, UTG limps, I raise to 200 with QQ, middle position caller, limper calls, flop jack high, UTG bets 200, I raise ALL IN for my last 400 both guys call, turns out UTG flopped a straight with his 89 hearts, and turned a STRAIGHT FLUSH. Now this isn't THAT awful of a bad beat as far as odds go, but it was a HORRIBLY unfortunate beat being that this was the first hand I raised with in my first WSOP event and I ran into a fricken straight flu
  8. Now if we could only get players to come over to full tilt.........
  9. Ivy busted in the 50/100 nl heads up match. He had 10k, the other guy had like 9k. Ivy raised to 300 other guy called, flop was queen high, he bet 500, other guy raised to 1400, Ivey reraised to 4100, other guy moves all in. Ivy has AQ, other guy had flush draw! catches flush on river. Next hand Ivy raises, other guy moves all in, Ivey shows QJ, other guy has Aces, and Phil is done.
  10. their was one hand Matasow and Prahlad played on full tilt, where after the river Prahlad moved in for about 30k, Matasow thought for awhile, and called witht AQ high, and took it down. Matasow went on and on about how he can make the BIG calls, and Prahlad kept telling him how terrible he is.
  11. Christian have you made it out to the new Red Rock casino? its pretty sweet, if you havn't yet, I highly recommend it.
  12. I'm a regular 10/20 limit player, today I went on tilt and played 30/60 for about 150 hands......I was lucky enough to break even.
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