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  1. dereeekho

    The Hideout

    needless daily bumps do count, right?
  2. dereeekho

    The Hideout

    i'm sure this won't last too long....
  3. dereeekho

    The Hideout

    i like that attitude! it was a new year resolution to return here
  4. dereeekho

    The Hideout

    it has lived a good life.RIP.
  5. don't know why i stopped posting. i've been reading threads here and there.
  6. glove hand has been a problem since before olympics. see usa goal that sent game to OT.chicago was flat as pancake.canucks has had balanced scoring the whole season so it's not shock that neither samuelsson or burrows didn't score. after all there were 6 20 goal scorers and wellwood/ehrhoff each had 15.
  7. i think the hit from derek boogaard the night before was the one that gave mitchell the concussion.
  8. daniel sedin would like to sign in to this thread.
  9. dereeekho

    The Hideout

    just found out my gmail got hacked and i've been selling used cars
  10. how long did it take for you to get signed by a nba team?
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