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  1. Wayne, what would the original print of "The Hook", taken by Jack Bowman of the Brantford Expositor, be worth?
  2. "Decimated" leaves the reader with the impression that they had a great pitching staff to begin with (which they didn't). 6 of Pineda's last 10 starts have resulted in Yankees losses & Ivan Nova's last 8 starts have produced ONE win. The Yankees are their own worst enemy & tonight you will see why. There is no sharp money on the Yankees.
  3. Oh please do tell. The entire Internet wants to know who you think is doing blow. I know I won't sleep till you spill the beans. I think Leafs fans have a lot bigger problems than, "who's linning up rails in the locker room". Is Thats what this thread is about this year??? with a lot praying & constant drinking?? Serge just takes a bad situation & make it worse
  4. Are they doing it again this year?Is this site even still around?
  5. I think i lost another $125 that night.My horses didn't run well, either.I might request a HH if they go back that far.Anyone else wanna tag team a MTT on this crazy BUMP?!
  6. 1st member to PM me with poker stars name gets $1.75 for 18 man turbo NL holdem
  7. anyone who has a pokerstars account can post here to let me know what SnG we can play in to cash $.I have lost $275 this weekend and want to change my luck.If you accep this stake you are agreeing to transfer me back 1/2 the winnings from the tourney and the $2.20.lemme know
  8. Sure would be ideal if you could write off your losses in Canada!!!Can you do this in the States, I assume you can if you can claim your winnings?
  9. DNA, bcause he's the only user whose name I recognize from 2006 when I was on here alot!
  10. I was typing here after you pushed the hand before.Didn't see.
  11. The feild's down to 1/2 in the tourney you played.
  12. What about the guy whos staking everyone?
  13. are you the only one in?What did you have when you shoved preflop?
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