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  1. i would also guess that a US citizien can own and operate a business outside the US that would not be legal inside the US. Off the top of my head I can't think of one besides some bad Phrama analogy that really doesn't fit. and like previous posters have said no where does it say that owning a gambling website is illegal just providing a sevice to put money on there.
  2. Ya check seems right here from a lag wouldn't set off any alarms. guy would probably just move in on you to take the pot.
  3. I had a guy check raise me 3 times, I had the nuts whole time but i thanked him.
  4. Still in too, 47K third break
  5. do you still have to set it up via Drivers licesnse and UTility bill?
  6. if you want real responses post in strat if you want to know what people are having for supper post here.
  7. Daniel has Video blog about shaving his head days later Britney shows up with her head shaved HMMMMMMM Does she wanna be like DN I mean DN signature has a link to her you tube vid all these things just happening I don't think so unless its rigged could be rigged. Maybe the bigger question is why wasn't DN on the main Yahoo page when he shaved his head and are the going to auction of DN's hair too?
  8. ok heres my question about juilet and the whole new epoisde, obviously were lead to believe and have been for a while that (various flashbacks) that the others were there doing medical reaserch, does anyone else find it odd that big john doesn't like the site of blood and with the exception of Juilet the others really appear to have zero medical knowledge? I mean John can't even stand the site of blood, so does that doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me i guess. My theory on the matter is Ben daughter who is about the right age from what Juilet was told in the board room the 20 something w
  9. You want him to think you have AK and that his pair of 8's is good, then you whine when he does think that and spikes you? Better question to ask does he bet anything but a str8 with that board, only hands you can beat here really is a bluff so if he isn't a bluffer you wasted 20 bucks on the river. have to know what he is capable of. and if he is capable of bluffing on the end call and move on. but he could have flopped 9T and been slow playing. You hit your cooler card move on and don't worry about it.
  10. sixty minutes did a report on that, and actually a lot of casino's vegas strip casino's have online software ready to launch they just never have because of uncertain legal issues. Plus would you rather gamble at golden place.com or belligo.com where can earn all the same comps as if you were playing in the vegas casnio + all the online like comps? + the instant creditablity for secureity and trust that would go along with a strip casino having a gaming site would crush these off shore gaming sites in short time. Why they don't push for something more along regulation is beyond me.
  11. lots of fish think there sharks, others are degenerate gamblers who will still play and some of fish will be gone but most of them will be gone anyway as they get frustrated and can't win and stop playing or blame the software instead of there poor poker skills. you have to remember as dutch boyd said poker is a lot like sex everyone thinks there good at just very few actually are. If people didn't think they were any good or had a chance to win why would they play? Most fish(poker players) are dellisounal(sp) and can't blame themselves.
  12. walk up say i am donk slayer hand them your id and money fill out a form or 3 and your in, no need to quailify for anything. but if your looking for satillites well full tilt usally runs them.
  13. First off theres a whole fourm for TV maybe thats where this should be and LOST not getting metioned until page 2 well that is just a travishamockerry
  14. well its already to late and already screwed up my vegas trip so by by UB no more busines from me, but when you take almost 2 weeks for a withdrawl to go through they don't deserve my business.
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