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  1. Sick drawout, especially since Egg would have taken the chip lead on that hand. Although I didnt think he should have canceled the deal becuase the other guy wouldn't give him 4k more.
  2. thats silly. it doesnt happen enough to take a risk like that. its not like u lose the hand u just cant win anymore money or bluff. most of the time when someone disconnects they are on a draw or are behind in the hand. also sometimes it saves u money.When you said most of the time the disc is when they are on a draw or behind is correct. That's exactly why they disconnect though, to get a free draw. If they make their draw, they win the pot without having to call that big bet you were making. It never saves you money in a disconnect after a big bet situation because they were intending to fol
  3. I hate it when people do that. It's basically like they are folding the hand, but they still have a chace to win the pot. It's definitely not right. But PartyPoker does have a few table with no disconnect-protect. I suggest you play on one of those tables to avoid this problem.
  4. Exactly, why not learn about EV from the great Bill Fillmaff himself?
  5. I like the guy who said "BILL FILLMAFF" after he flopped top set.
  6. You definitely wouldn't want him to be able to pick his hands becuase he could take the other two aces for one of his hands and then he would be taking your money.
  7. I think that it meant he misread the color of the chips he put in. So he was saying he accidentally bet with a higher denomination chip, making his bet larger than he wanted. And yes, it seems like Chan was doing a little acting there to get his opponent trapped.
  8. There are a lot of players with O, L, and E in their full names. Can you add 5-7 more letters as clues?
  9. I don't see a reason to risk all of your chips with a hand like AJ when you dont know how your opponent plays. I say fold and live to see another hand, you would leave yourself with about 10 BB.
  10. yup, the closest thing for me is shooting star in mahnomen and they have 4 tables of 3/6 at the mostThe Shooting Star is also the closest casino for me to play at. You must have gone at a good time to see 4 tables going. Everytime I go there at about 11pm-4am, there is usually only one table, sometimes 2.
  11. Ha. For all those players talking about the SIK, there is more proof that the hand sucks.
  12. I know that hardly anyone has ever played this game, but I am unstoppable in Dr. Mario.
  13. If you bust him after he goes all-in preflop with a K5, you shouldnt feel guilty at all. If you didnt take his money, someone else would have. If he really cant pay his rent, and he is making dumb moves like that, he needs to stop gambling immediately.
  14. The sit n goes get pretty crappy at the end. The should either increase the blinds by time and not #hands, or cap the blinds at like 300/600 or something. WIth the every 10 hand system, when it gets shorthanded the blinds go up way to fast, and they are usually too high by that time anyway. I just hope one day they cap the blinds so you have a chance to play poker.
  15. blknines

    how old are you?

    I am 19 and have played for about a year. I am just currently beginning to take the game serious, so any help is appreciated.
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