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  1. Alrighty, let me quote SSHE, page 70 (Suited Aces A9s-A2s):"Usually fold all these hands, however, if it is raised in front of you. Cold-calling raises with these hands in short-handed pots is a common and costly mistake."
  2. Did I say a rock is a good player? no. I said a rock "OR" a good player. Rocks that raise UTG have the goods. A call here against a rock is very loose and the implied odds heads up against this type of player are horrible.If you pair your ace on the flop against a rock, what are you gonna do? If he checks (his non-ace hand) and you bet, you win a small pot. If he has a big ace, you lose, and maybe lose a big pot at that, trying to pair your kicker.If he has a big pair and you don't pair your ace, you lose.That was my point, not that rocks are good players.Think about what types of flops are go
  3. Please comment on your read of UTG. if you're read is that he's a fish, then re-raise (i suppose flat call is ok because implied odds are decent against a fish). If you read him as a rock or a good player, then a call here is bad, imo.
  4. thanks jay, that changes everything. i'll start doing that now. you donkey! of course we're defending with hands that are "strong enough" to defend with. we're arguing whether A-4 suited is strong enough to! aseemIm arguing that it is. I would have auto folded it 2 months ago, but I'm confident enough that I can outplay this guy, I'm giving him credit for a decent hand, want too put him on a range?I just dont give him credit for a PREMIUM hand, It's 2/4...If that's true, and I think that's a reasonable assumption, then re-raising to take control of the hand is the better play IMO.You'll be
  5. Your preflop call would make more sense if this was NL.i so heavily disagree if we're talking about typical online games where both players usually have around 100 big blinds.huge reverse implied odds here, much more so than in limit.it's even more of a fold in NL than it is in limit (unless the stacks are short, around 20 - 30 big blinds).aseemAseem--I disagree re: implied odds in NL. Typically in a heads up situation, hitting a flush isn't as obvious to a preflop raiser as it would be if he were in the pot with a few more opponents. The point is, if he has a made hand (but not a flush), you
  6. this is wrong.folding doesn't lose you -0.5 BB instantly, it loses you 0 BB.if you want to include the big blind as money you voluntarily put in, then subtract 0.5 BB from every number in his simulations. that makes defending with 27s against AK -0.87 BB, which is lower than folding for "-0.5 BB" according to him.folding always has 0 EV. defending with 27s against AK here has -0.37 BB EV. clearly, folding is better.aseemEveryone else please remember that UTG raised here, so this was not a blind steal attempt.That said, calling A4s here headsup is bad. Either fold it or raise it. I prefer to fo
  7. That's not even remotely near the same situation as this hand.
  8. Exactly the reason why most here are saying this was a good call...b/c they knew the results. That has to be one of the worst comments yet. Example: You flop a set and villian goes all-in. You put him on a flush draw, so you call (correctly, as you are almost 3 to 1 favorite).Villian sucks out and hits his flush. Bad call? Hardly.
  9. I just read this response AFTER posting my thoughts. You obviously know Jason's game very well. Based on that, it IS reasonable to assume that you may think that KJ is good. However, for everyone else here who doesn't know anything about either of your games, I really find it hard to believe that anyone can honestly say this was a good call (Again--please try to ignore the fact that you know what cardcore was thinking).I really wish Jason hadn't posted the results in his OP. I really don't think ANYONE here would put villian on KJ based on that line of play.
  10. I gotta side with jason on this one. First, we don't know what villian put jason on, other than "he didn't want a call."Second, Jason re-raised preflop, which villian would supposedly read as a hand stronger than KJ.Any Ace beats villian here, as does KQ or any pair.Good read by villian, but bad call thinking KJ was good. Regardless of whether jason played the hand correctly, there is nothing in the betting sequence that would make villian think that KJ was good. Just my opinion.
  11. I'm gonna take a wild guess here and say sb has AQ or AJ. Looks like he's trying to bluff you off the pot with his lead bet on the turn, figuring you for two overcards. I like your raise on the turn, but can understand those that say fold due to the small size of the pot. His subsequent call suggests weakness, and that's reinforced by his check/call on the river. His call there is probably so he can see your hand...I think you have him beat here. Either that, or he's playing something like A7, but I don't see him calling the flop with that hand. If he really had a decent hand, I'd expect a che
  12. LOL...no idea. Sorry to confuse the thread.
  13. This is the correct answer. 5/10 and 10/20 are full of fish too, if you manage your tables well and follow people around.you're a stalker, aren't you?
  14. of course, this is online only. b&m doesn't show any great skill until 10/20, at least in my experience. obviously there are very skilled players at all levels, I'm just referring to "skill" as the % of players at any one table that exhibit any.
  15. I know that...that's why i asked. The HH says that scottyp13 is the button and the bb.
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