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  1. I guess I politick and lead differently from y'all.I got Andrew Jackson for Political, and Teddy Roosevelt for Military.
  2. Anybody else watching this soccer game? USA vs. Argentina in an international friendly on ESPN Classic, live from Giants Stadium.USA is hopelessly undertalented compared to Argentina but they're playing their hearts out. The goalie has come up huge and it's still 0-0 and Freddy Adu just came in.
  3. Jeez, screw that!!There is exactly ONE tollbooth in all of metro Atlanta far as I know, and it's for an eminently convenient road. Or it's not complicated to detour around the toll booth. And I still get a little irritated when I have to try and find two quarters to pay for it, haha
  4. I didn't really... I was just making the joke about how silly all the tollbooths are, haha.Sorry to hear about the ferrets! Yeah... my dog will be 11 years old next month and his hips are all messed up... he's okay now but I'm mentally preparing for the inevitable.It's cool though. He's still the dumbest and laziest dog on the planet so it works out okay that he doesn't get around too well. There's nothing he'd rather do than lay around my apartment on my bed being hung over with me, hahahaha
  5. Hey there (:Ya know I drove through Jersey a couple months back...Cost me like $20.How are the ferrets?
  6. Looks like the last time I posted here was when UGA beat Florida (haHA!) which was October, yikes, lol.I got a new apartment. Me and my sister and the dog are living in an awesome new place in a great location... at I-85 and Clairmont. Katie is living here for the summer until she goes back to school, and then it'll be just me in the 2 BR with half the rent paid, woot!Parents are doing well. We merged our office here in Atlanta with a larger ERA franchise, ERA Buckhead Realty. That got Mom and Dad out of Atlanta, so they're up in Raleigh, NC running their business up there. We became Buck
  7. Haha yeah I see that!Much as I'd like to I really can't... got a lot of things I need to do for work these days. I really wish I could come though... I had an AWESOME time last time!...and I'm pretty sure the whole town knew I had an awesome time last time... hahahaha. That's definitely the drunkest I've ever been at 3 p.m. PACIFIC time the next day, hahahaha
  8. Hi Kristen!I saw on facebook that Zach is at the final two tables, so I figured I'd mosey on by for a while.If any of you are on facebook you should all add me by the way, I'm in the Atlanta and UGA networks.How's everybody?
  9. Not as bad as the papers sound.I'm a slum lord now... doing mostly foreclosures. And buyers are worth their weight in gold these days.I put together a BEAUTIFUL deal last month... My buyer fall in love with a listing he saw on my website... the LOWEST priced home in the subdivision in the last year sold for $171k, and this was listed for $169,900. We offered $120k, and the seller said "GTFO here $120k!" Then we said "Okay, we'll just go next door and see what they think about $120k..." then they said "waitaminutewaitaminute let's just talk about this for a sec..."Sold at $142,500.How's the n
  10. And now for your laugh of the day...This chick is:a) hot,b- talented,c) hilariously funny,and d), which contributes to a), British!It's a really funny ventriloquist act.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yk--GqaBHIQ
  11. I believe it's 13 out of the last 15... we won in '96 and in '04, I think. I've been at the one we won and two more that we lost.As for the Rockies... I'm still on the bandwagon. They really needed to try and split in Fenway, but with 3 in the high altitude, plus losing either Ortiz, Youkilis, or Lowell, while making a big defensive gamble to play Ortiz ANYwhere... I think the Rockies have a real homefield advantage.That SUCKS about the lake. Hopefully it'll be a wet winter/spring to get that lake back up for boating season again next year.
  12. Yep. Florida can't win every year until I pick Georgia to win.We ARE coming off a bye week you know!How's the laking going? What's the water level like on Allatoona these days, with the drought and everything?
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