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  1. Ive been MIA for some time due to furthering my professional life and trying to contract every curable STD known to man but now Im back and the burning has stopped, I need to know where I can play!I know about Pokerstars and Tilt, Ultimatebet and Absolute I want to avoid due to the cheating scandals, what are my other options here? Doyles room? Anything else?
  2. Did u guys ever consider that maybe they were caught cheating in some way?... Remember the bit where daniel says the ace of spades has been marked? Ive seen security haul cheaters away at casinos a few times and it basically works the same way daniel handled it, at least with jerry.....
  3. Bleh, edit, ive obviously got ADD.Raising with that size stack probably isnt the right move considering the fact that if you get re-raised pre-flop you put yourself in an odd situation that you dont want to be in... Chances are someone with A2 is going to re-raise as well, so youre forcing yourself to gamble. 3x the BB when you only had 12 is dangeroso.
  4. Raising is a little laggy, but definitely not bad, especially in a tourney where pressure is key.The strategy of having a hand that goes both ways is a bit of a misconception. What youre really looking for is a hand thats likely to scoop the pot if it wins. 4 connected cards above an 8 are very playable, youre looking for a straight or somekind of full house or the ability to respresent something strong since u raised pre. Hands like 10987 or 5689 etc are hands which are problematic because even if you make a solid hand, youre most likely going to split the pot.
  5. Pretty obvious response here...Ive been there.Learn your lesson and start over. Never play higher you can afford, at least not without limitations. Taking shots with a portion(definitely not half) of your bankroll at higher limits isnt horrible, just play with the knowledge that if you lose it, its gone and youre going to grind it back at the lower limits. The main problem for some players when they take shots is that if they lose they cant imagine having to re-grind such a large number at their normal limits just to make it back, so they continue to shell out more and more to get it back.(mmm
  6. Yeah I just wanted to rag on NWP. Also,I dont even know why Scottyno posts there, they hate him like a hot girls **** blocking fat friend.
  7. Riiigghhttt, someone from NWP did something scientifical and came up with proof that the guy in the video is infact DW.....Did you stoners make a nuclear bomb with a home chemistry set too?put down the pipe kids and turn off the csi
  8. Very nice PM, once again well done. Cant wait to see you in the top 10 at presto
  9. The forum display shows that hes currently making a post, but its shown that for the past 10 minutes id say.... ? Passed out?
  10. Re-reading the prizes for the protege winner, I noticed Any idea as to how big hes going to stake for the side games? and will he provide a full roll for the game or just a session? Details, details.Im looking at you lexluther.EDIT:nevermind, I just found this# Staking by FCP to test your abilities at different cash games and limits (at Daniel's sole discretion).
  11. What exactly is the CC Riders? I used to play 5-10 SHLHE with a guy using that handle, very annoying player, style wise.Also, you must scream everytime you win a pot or youll never rise out of the shadow of the other mattias anderson.
  12. Wasnt involved in this one but its the sickest ive seen to date.Late stages of a SnG, Late Pos player raises, folded to bb who calls, flop is Ax10h10d, bb pushes, late player insta calls. BB has AKh, late player has AA...Yes sir, runner runner royal flush.
  13. EEEESH, the queens shouldnt even have been in there. Sick
  14. 4 tens to 4 kingsPretty sick too.$100 SnG, in the BB with 106o, guy limps otb, sb calls I check. Flop K1010, sb bets out, I call, button calls. Turn is the case 10, sb bets, I call, button calls. U know what the river is. SB moves all in on a board of K10 10 10K, I call, button, Calls?sb has nothing, figuring no one can beat the board, button has the quads. The kicker is that the sb and button had me covered and were 4 handed, so I bubble. 4th guy had a shortstack.... bleh
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