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  1. Still not working for talbe games - looks like some tournaments are running
  2. There's more than one way to skin a cat - find some overseas / offshore banks to work with. I found the Royal Bank of Scotland International Limited - RBSI - it's an offshore arm of the Royal Bank of Scotland where you can open an account with them with just a copy of your passport & a utility bill - No residence requirements - Don't know how $ transfers from the account work / but i'm gonna see if it works - I'm trying it now - I also read that you can open a bank account in New Zealand easily ...What surprises me are the sites that already say they won't be accepting U.S. based clie
  3. This shithead is going to talk himself out of this championship
  4. Gonna be pretty hard to beat this guy now. Why did Johnny Chan tell him to shut the " F " UP ? Damn you Johnny
  5. You're a little late - too bad Would have taken your bet at 3:00 Nice job weeding through 25 pages though
  6. How about Ali Welching on his Roshambo loss to Raymer...Donk
  7. I'm sure they'll escort you right to the front so you can see.
  8. I'm watching on the internet. I went to my confirmation E-Mail and clicked on that link, then signed on to espn & launched .... I was getting black screen too before that ... gl
  9. Fastest Final table ever ... Bet this thing doesn't go more than 6 hours ...
  10. I'm in !! followed the link from my E-mail confirmation / signed on to espn / launched ...good luck
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