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  1. does anyone consider that mabye phil didnt shoot better because he didnt have to ? He put up the score he needed to win...but dont give him redit for "just" shooting in the 90's
  2. bad read bad cards bad call- but suckouts are funbased on your table etiquette ur a ****** bag and if u are older than 18 and or have a bankroll more than $100 ill eat a bug
  3. here is another articleSeveral media outlets are reporting that Senator Barney Frank could be working on a bill that would repeal the UIGEA and also that charges may be dropped against Neteller directors John Lefebvre and Stephen Lawrence. Below is some key quotes from a few media reports today. March 14 (Bloomberg ) -- Online-gambling stocks rose after the Financial Times said House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank wants to repeal a law passed last year that criminalized the industry. Shares of Gibraltar-based PartyGaming Plc, the world's biggest Internet poker operator, had
  4. UIGEA NEWS ALERT The office of US Congressman Barney Frank, who is chairman of the House financial services committee, has confirmed that he is currently working on legislation to repeal the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. The news item appeared this afternoon on the Financial Times website and has been confirmed to eGaming Review by Frank’s press department. The details of how any repeal would take action have not been worked out and no timeframe was given. Frank is quoted as describing last autumn’s Act as one of the “stupidest laws” ever passed and adds: “I am working on legisla
  5. isnt it a misdeal with 2 different 3 of clubs in the deck..one in ur hand and one on the flop....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  6. spaghetti was invented by chinese no?marco......................pololol
  7. thinking 500 might change their mind is just silly..u were doingthis crap at a high stakes table where that 500 u were enticing them with was probably the sb at the time and the people at the table had 50-100k each in front of them easy...think about it...who would u defend, and how embarassing would it be if when u got off ban u went to the same table to the same person and did the same thing...there is only one way to MAKE SURE that doesnt happen and make them look stupid...and thats what they did
  8. Jeremy u have a another thread froma while ago where u said u were going pro..seems like a lot of guys have been waiting for an update...although this thread seems to be part of it, u should go over there and continue what u started...hope all is well
  9. not all people play poker or gain knowledge and experience in things to only build a bankroll in it...there was nothing wrong with his post...its like u have years of experience and knowlege in being a ****** but I don't think u are looking to get paid for it..u just enjoy it... lol doucheaments
  10. apologies but what is his current overhead/expenses in relation to his 2k per month...can he eat or get meals where he works..this to me is also important to put n scenario if he works in a restaurant ect when u menation (other benefits)
  11. if ur gambling with 2 people a nassau format is great...if u have three i like a game called wolf...u can find the rules on internet..both awesome
  12. they probably wont care until u win...............................
  13. its probably a matter of public record and I think Daniel could make up a much better story if he wanted to with little effort... imho
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