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  1. They are bonus codes to enter when you deposit money. 25TO100JAN - $100: 10x means you get a 25% bonus on your deposit up to $100 (meaning $400 deposit for max bonus). 10x is the number of raked hands u have to play where x= the amount of the bonus. Assuming you got the max of $100 bonus dollars you have to play 10x100 = 1000 raked hands to recieve it. PartyPoker hasn't had a public reload bonus in ages and due to an apparently glitch ALL of these codes will work for EVERYONE. This means you can potentially have $850 worth of bonus money this month, whereas it is usually $100 or less, assum
  2. I'm in sb with AQ0, folded to villain in mid position who raises. I only have 40 hands on him but he his stats are 36/16/1.3. I 3 bet from sb and BB folds. Villain just calls we get heads up. From is 3 6 8 rainbow. I bet, villain raises. I fold.
  3. Play many many more hands, and get poker tracker or similar software. Poker players don't automatically make a certain amount of money a day, and it's not uncommon for winning players breakeven stretches of 10k hands or more. As for what is most profitable. What are you good at? Pick one and work on it.
  4. I use PT on Full Tilt for ring games. I don't really play tournies so I can't confirm that, but it works fine otherwise.PT is very very useful. I feel pretty stupid for not trying it until recently. It lets me look at my stats in a detailed fashion and I can really start seeing where my leaks are. I used to think my game was pretty adequate at the level that I'm playing but now I realize that I'm unreasonably tight, and I'm leaking money like crazy from the blinds because I'm not defending against steals. Trust me it will be the best thing you can buy for poker.
  5. How does luck not exist? It is short term variation from the norm. There's absolutely no point in focusing on being either lucky or trying to prevent being unlucky if that's what the article is about, but it nonetheless is a factor.Saying luck does not exist is the wrong way to put it.
  6. Poker players tend to be some of the least attractive and physically fit people I see. I'm not sure I want to be in a room with a bunch of guys like that while porn is on, especially when we're using a communal deck of cards.
  7. Doesn't seem like they have a deadline to get the site back on. I was in the middle of a game too, pretty ghey.
  8. Does anyone find it hard to go back to live play at a casino after a lot of time on the internet? I used to love B&M play, but I guess the novelty wore off and my last trips were just tedious, win or lose. All I think about is how many more hands I could be getting in multitabling online. The combined factors of people not paying attention, slow dealers, and grumpy old people makes me want to punch everybody in the face. I think I've been so spoiled that seeing 30 hands per hour feels like slow death to me, even though the players at live low limit are a dream compared to online players
  9. In my opinion low limit players at Pacific are way worse than party. The fact that it is so unfriendly to multitablign PTers makes for way more way bad players.
  10. The guy played it like a typical idiot. 3 of the people at your table are even bigger idiots for telling you to check the river. Bet that every time. People who slowplay monsters til the very last minute can keep doing it. All it does is save me money.
  11. We talk about stuff like that on the forum because posts like "do you feel like the majority of your previous bets were +EV in the long run with disregard to immediate results" would be a very boring read. :-) I think you had a pretty rare experience. Most people say they want to learn, but in reality they just want to 1)flop sets against AA/KK and 2) take huge pots with all in bluffs while playing the board.
  12. Goofing around at 2/4 with friend1 and friend2. We are seated right next to each other. I was talking some friendly smack and told friend2 that the next time it was friend1's BB, he needs to raise it and I'll reraise. I didn't whisper this, I pretty much told the table because friend1 had just sucked out on a major pot. His bb comes, my friend raises and I 3-bet it, then of course old guy waiting to act behind us decides to call collusion and say we are trying to drive other players out of the pot. In a sense this is true, except we are not squeezing anyone, since we are going to be the only
  13. I fold preflop after the cap. KQ off suit is not something I want to be holding against a 3 bet and a cap from the BB unless I know they'd do this with a wide range. You are caught between two potentially big hands, who might be raising and reraising each other with you squeezed in the middle. This is the most expensive situation to get caught in, esp if you hit the flop and there's continued aggression.
  14. Why cap with AA on a flop and then call turn when it wan't really a scare card? If anything I'd raise. I'm quite sure I'm still way ahead and I've a big redraw against everything else if I was behind on the flop. Were you afraid the 3rd heart was going to kill your action if you raised?
  15. Wow that was one super weak way to play dueces. I'm praying for big A hands to pop the turn in situations like that. If the 3rd guy called in front of you do you raise this river?
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