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  1. Become a Canadian citizen and you won't have to worry about it.
  2. Thanks, as did you. Not to make excuses but I was playing two cash games at the same time and had a hard time focusing during heads up play. You took advantage of that very nicely, as you should have.
  3. No one knows how much he has, least of all Daniel.Mandelbrot
  4. Losing based on what time frame? Week? Month? Last night? And I assume you are defining losing as makes less money than puts in. And I assume you are referring to cash games or tournies also? And if Joe Hachem never wins another poker game in his life, that would still probably make him a winning player right?And I won't go into how you determined the 80%, though I have to say I think it's closer to 83.47%.
  5. Luck is overwhelmingly the biggest factor compared to skill, but skill gives you an enormous edge.Here is a good exerpt from an article on gambling law and why - at least in a legal sense - poker is considered more of a game of chance than one of skill: You can read the full article here. Mandelbrot
  6. They all have diferent strengths / weaknesses depending on cash games vs tournaments, Limit vs NL vs PL HE, Hold'Em vs other games, etc... I think in the end though that Phil Ivey will beat them all - I see him all the time at Bellagio, TV, everywhere there is a game. He's a machine. He just needs to learn how to close a tournament rather than go out at the final table without the win.
  7. Thank you. I lurk here often but post only occassionally. Mandelbrot
  8. Well the guy is nice but he's aloof. Bottom line was this: Someone else should plan on playing tonight for our team I suppose, unless something happens in the next hour. Whomever is responsible for these tokens, please PM me so we can discuss.Regards, Mandelbrot
  9. On with them now via live chat, they're trying to help...
  10. Nope. I dont see any "tickets" when I view my accnt and when I try to register I get the same "you cant buy a ticket" msg...
  11. Tried to register in tonight's tournament and it tells me "A ticket for this tournament cannot be bought". So... how do I enroll? Sorry for the newb question but I usually play elsewhere online.As a side note, my user name on FCP is Mandelbrot but it appears as Mandelbrot0 when I access the client -- not sure if that matters. Thanks in advance,Mandelbrot
  12. I'm not playing on Tuesday. I switched with another team member (AJ). I am playing on the 12th.Thanks.
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