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  1. Hi.I agree completely, he was an asshole.Good luck.
  2. He just referred to himself as a 9000 foot tall robot pimp who can stop bullets.Well clearly that part's not refutable.good luck
  3. He's been in therapy.Therapist: You did what now?Smasharoo: I posted a very simple easy to understand mechanical strategy for a card game on a web site. My four yeat old nephew understood it immediately.Therapist: Well, that doesn't sound so bad...Smasharoo: Is that Scotch?good luck
  4. For you, yes. For a 9000 foot tall bulletproof robot pimp, no.good luck.
  5. Do you punch yourself in the balls after the 25%, or is the play painfull enough for you?good luck.
  6. If you think for more than an 8th of a second before calling, stop playing turbos.good luck.
  7. You're ussually behind on this flop with that action.Flopped straights with no redraws on a board like this are useless, I'd fold this in position a lot against that many overcalls.good luck
  8. I have $300, villain has $500. Villain almost always raises on the button/CO and always calls a reraise/repot with position. Villain will fire all-in on the flop if checked to in position. He is extremely aggressive in position and has shown down various hands (some very strong, some not so much).One you can find better ways to spend your time than playing against this guy.Two, if you can't get most of your stack in oop with this hand don't re-raise preflop.Not hard.good luck.
  9. If you're super anal about game selection it's sustainable. You're probably running well though.good luck.
  10. -raised on flop to see where im at [bad idea to raise?]-call the all in?Why would raise middle pair into someone who's going to play back at you with air if you're going to fold when they do?good luck
  11. He checks. I consider betting, but I'm determined to try and outplay myself. I also chat "I have a MONSTER!!!"Try not to do that.good luck
  12. Close enough to never matter.good luck
  13. it may be varianceOtherwise post hands.good luck
  14. Standard.Don't worry about it.good luck
  15. I know I'm an *** a lot, but really, it's hard to imagine playing this any worse.I shove this flop 99% of the time, but of course there'd be more money in the pot by then, too.good luck.
  16. Rebuy + Add-on Tournies, Am I missing something?YESgood luck
  17. I understand pot odds with drawing hands but is this the only case of you have to call. Here's a hand from the 9k on tilt I thought it may be good but with two overs it thought someone just had to have me beat do i HAVE to call here.Here, no.Most of the time deciding if you're priced in is just getting a read and putting the all in guy on a range of hands. Then you take the odds of what you're drawing live at, like say the nut flush at 5 to 1, add in the odds that you might be ahead of his range and then it's just pot odds.good luck
  18. YOu know, I could really use the money....No anal, right?good luck
  19. when you push here what types of hands do you think will call versus fold?Couldn't care less.good luck.
  20. and, btw, it really does you no good to bet draws aggressively into people that you have no fold equity towards.Espeically when you're ahead. Just oppenfarrell this turn next time.good luck.
  21. It's a little like what I'd imagine Herpes is like. Mildly annoying at times, but mostly you don't really notice it.good luck.
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