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  1. I'm reraising preflop to t350 or so. I hate inviting multiway action with AQo, and I automatically assume that a player who is down to <1000 chips by level II of a $4/180 is playing too many hands (so AQo is ahead of his range). It makes the flop a whole lot easier if there's nobody behind you to act. I'll call a preflop 3-bet all-in from UTG+1, and fold to anyone else.As played, I'm tempted to reraise all-in and take my chances that SB didn't flop a flush, aces up, set or a pair+FD. I don't know if that's correct, because this is 3-way. Blah. I'm not really worried about UTG+1 a whol
  2. OMSFG, you really have to raise that until all $400 is in the pot. After the 10th raise or so, I start eyeing the bad beat jackpot display, which will usually handsomely cover the $400 if I have been coolered.This was live, yes?
  3. I don't base reads like "calling station" or "loose-weak" on the action of one hand, is all. The action in this hand points to some possibilities, but we really don't know if the villain is hanging on to a PP in a presumed WA/WB situation, playing a weak A meekly, calling because the call button is pretty, or slow playing Aces up or something against the aggressor. Knowing his calling standards would help clear up these questions. We don't know if we can push him off a better hand, nor how good a hand we can push him off, unless we know how weak his tendancies are. Because of this unknown,
  4. I'm just telling him what range he can put his opponent on to make this a call. It is a $1 tourney, after all. He's noted that villain is tight/solid/rockish, so maybe he's one of the few people in a $1 against whom calling would be wrong.
  5. Firing a second bullet is completely villain-dependant. Since you have no reads, it's usually a bad idea. Against a loose-weak villain who is liable to give up on PPs and weak aces and check-raise strong aces or monsters, it's a good idea. Against a calling station, it's a disaster.
  6. You'll probably get a few people to look at Poker X-factor histories if you post the links in the Tournament strategy section. It's a fairly big time commitment to review a whole tournie, though (unless you went out rather quickly). Posting a few key hands that you are unsure about will probably yield better results.You could also post an X-factor HH replay over in the 2+2 forum's tourney section, if people here are unable to review a whole tournament.
  7. A reraise all-in from vactorman is not out of line if he has AA or KK. Your raise and the limper behind you make it optimal. It's also not horrible if he has AK, QQ, JJ. Against a range of JJ+, AKo, AKs, QQ is 47%. You have to call 15,000 for a pot of 21,000. This is really only a -cEV call if you put his range on exactly AA, KK, AKs. Throw AKo in there and it becomes marginally +cEV.If he could do this with TT+, AQs+, then it's a clear call, obviously
  8. Here's some rough numbers for my apartment (2 BR). You'll be splitting these costs, so your math will be different. I imagine rent in Halifax and London are comparable, as the towns are about the same size. Power is more expensive here, and heat certainly is more expensive because we don't have natural gas hookups. Phone/internet/cable are probably comparable.Rent: $750/moPower/Gas: $60/moP/I/C: $130/mo (high-speed, cheapest cable package)Food: $200/moMisc: $200/mo - (this includes dinners out, movies, incidentals, and is probably low)Insurance: $10/mo (home insurance. We don't need heal
  9. I can't even comment. That turn bet makes me cry uncontrollably.
  10. Seriously: $1500 a month should be your guesstimate, at a minimum. You'll have to pay for power, internet/phone/TV, maybe heat, food (more than $200/mo, unless you are both very cheap and very disciplined), car/transit, maybe furniture, kitchenware, and anti-hermit fees (movie tickets, booze, bail, etc).
  11. I raise preflop most of the time, unless I know that the limpathoners will call a raise to 100ish. AT kinda sucks multiway, I'd rather get head's up with someone and try to take it away on the flop (with position if not cards).In the call-happy limpathon scenario (which happens a lot), I like your line. If he didn't check-raise a Q on the turn with the draws that are out there, well, it's hard to read donkeys. And you'll get those chips back, or at least they'll return to the table.
  12. You called preflop for set value. You didn't hit your set. Your position sucks. Check-fold. It's early.
  13. Briguy

    Aa Utg

    I'd discount QQ-KK as possibilities because of the lack of reraise. TT, 44, 33 are definitely possible, and A3s, although you may be able to eliminate all/many A3s's based on the suits in your hand and on the board. ATs-T9s, JJ, maybe an aggressive 99, 88, are the likely hands that you are beating that might bet like this in hand 1. Might.I think you have to channel Daniel and get chatty with the guy, and go through your internal encyclopedia of live tells. Even that might not help. Good fold. Puke. Move on. Kill him in the parking lot if he tables 72o.
  14. I got the same in a donkament from someone I started calling Professor Wisdom. I was semi-short and was pushing a lot on the bubble (with 10-15x BB, at blind levels from 100-200/a to 400-800/a). Got called once when I all-inned on the button against two shorty-tighties (3-4 BBs) in the blinds with Q8s. Ended up winning a flip against 77. Professor Wisdom started calling me a one-trick pony, as I continued to accumulate chips by pushing my stack against weak limpers and weak blinds. Professor Wisdom didn't call a single one of my pushes, and even complained once about folding an A (I had K
  15. Briguy

    Aa Utg

    Tough fold, but probably good. The flush draw is more likely to raise on the flop, if it raises anywhere. The problem is that he may think AT or something like that is the best hand. Any reads? Does this tourney play at all like a $4.40?
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