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  1. Pair in hand = muck, especially when two dead aces kill possible straight outs. 2/5 of stacks going in preflop is too much to try to catch a flop.
  2. Yeah don't raise flop, wraps sucks on two tone boards. Call with position and see what happens on the turn. Preflop is a super easy call.
  3. With a pair in hand I don't want to see a 4 bet preflop. Therefore since our hand plays well multiway I keep it that way preflop. MP, even though shortstacked, can still shove a ton of hands that have JJ in bad shape. River sucks cause villian needs a JKQx or KKQx type hand to call flop and turn bets. Any other reads/stats fall into my decision here, but I prob call since villians range is pretty polorized to KQ or bluff. Just make a note and move on.
  4. As was said, position matters, as well at stakes and stack sizes. Our hand is absolute garbage, but with AK and a suited ace I certaintly don't mind limping behind a couple loose passive fish, or raising a player who limp/folds alot or generally plays horrible post flop. We should be able to stab at quite a few pots in position flopping as little as flush draw + overs or top pair. In early position I definelty fold, and as stakes increase I lean more towards a fold as villians are less likely to be limping dominated hands.
  5. When i first started playing omaha I was going by a bit learned from watching two jimmy fricke vids on cardplayer pro which basically taught erroring on the over agro side preflop in late position and cbetting tons of flops. This was about 9 months ago though at stakes .10/.25 - .50/1.00. Alot of which was presented in these videos probably doesn't apply nowdays. I am only playing $25PLO today due to a 6 month run bad/break even stretch; and realizing appropriate bankrol requirements for PLO, like 50+ buyins not the 20 similar to NLHE i stared with. In the last six months I have read rol
  6. Flop is an easy check/fold, definelty don't lead out into 3 other players. Strong made hands/draws are going to raise, which actually isn't the problem as we have no problem folding our hand. The problem is naked better draws will just call, AK/AQxx type hands probably float with position and the turn is going to suck to play if we get called. A jack is about the only card where we will feel good about our hand, and even then its going to be difficult to extract any value, especially being OOP. Agree with turn analysis, pot control all the way. If someone bets I would actually probably ju
  7. I can't think of a single time I would fold AAxx preflop. Even in dingas example of pot then repot in front of us from the SB. We can repot and get almost 60% of our stack in preflop then simply jam the flop for the remaining, assuming we get called. We are a coin flip at worst and there is alot of dead money allready in the pot, folding would be a huge mistake.
  8. Plan A: we likely flopped the best hand and you want to give 4 opponents a potential free card to hit their overs, not good. We need to bet out here for value and to try to thin out the number of players seeing the turn.Plan B: check raising is horrible, do you expect a worse hand to call your raise? By check raising you are essentially turning your hand into a pure bluff.
  9. TP good kicker at $2NL = try to get stacks in the middle. Also, you are probably greatly overthinking this whole hand for the opponents you are facing. 90% of them have no clue what they are doing so trying to assign ranges is almost a waste of time. You can simply bet your good hands knowing you are getting called by alot worse the vast majority of the time.
  10. I have no clue how you can fold here getting over 3-1 odds. What does the villian hold that has us beat? I'm seeing a 5 or AK, yeah 23 got there but is he really calling a raise with it preflop. Sets need to try to extract some value on the turn, AQ would probably bet the turn, even trip 5's is probably betting the turn. Bad laydown IMO.
  11. As title states, villian is very aggro. He was raising the BTN about 98% of the time and never folding to any of my 3 bets, not once. It seemed like everytime I slowed down in a hand he would come out firing. Also, everytime the board had ran out with a 4 card straight he had made a pot sized bet representing, or actually holding, the straight; I folded the first few times and raised on a flush draw the last, never had a strong enough hand to look him up. Below are some set up hands to give an idea of his play.Hand 1 - villians calls very light preflop and gives me no credit on the flopUltimat
  12. Folding the turn would be pretty close to the worst play ever, were getting over 13-1 and have 8 outs that guarantee us the nuts.I probably flat call the turn as well. We raised him on the flop and he didn't go anywhere that leaves us with no reason to suspect the turn would be any different. We will have position on the river if we hit and can make a value bet/raise depending on his actions.
  13. I think what you are describing is more of a loose passive player. When I say weak tight I generally see that as not playing very many hands, never value betting with marginal holdings that are probably good, checking and trying to hit draws before committing chips, that sort of stuff.
  14. I don't think all mid pairs are stacking off here because I am showing a ton of strength and putting the villian into a very tough spot. I'm not looking for him to hit anything, I want to make my hand look weak enough to ensure he stacks off a middle pair. Also I'm not really worried about losing value from draws as they make up so very little of his range, precisely AcQc or AcJc. Thats only 2 of the possible 32 hand combinations that make up the range I gave him after the flop. This is probably more of an issue of the table dynamics that no else experienced. I was by far the most aggress
  15. I actually had no questions at all about this hands, just wanted to see what responses would be. I was curious because of a previous thread about what to do with KK after 4 betting preflop and an A hittin the flop. As expected, the majority said lead out then the hand isn't hard to play. I actually don't think there is any hard decision about this hand even with not betting the flop. River is an easy easy snap call against the villians range. Just looking at how I played the hand I look extremely weak passive, OMG a K hit and I have QQ I check. In fact that seemed to be the general respo
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