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  1. I'm just letting you know that I'm leaving this forum for good. When I joined here, back like 2 years ago, it used to be laid back, ppl weren't a-holes about retarded rules that don't matter......but now, all I see is ppl flaming and insulting one another. Also, the fact that ppl believe that I'm a "useless poster" or "least helpful poster" also adds to the reason I'm leaving. There are some good players here but most of the players here are losing players and when those losers are flaming me for posting a short answer or w.e, that's not cool. I think that I play better than most ppl here with
  2. The bankroll management that you posted for sit and go's and tournaments will get you broke in no time. 20 MTTs is not enough to go through variance. and 10 sit and go's is definetly not enough. I've played about 4000 sit and gos in my life and have had streaks where i lost 6-8 in a row in HU. If you're not playing HU you'll experience streaks of not cashing in like 15 sit and gos in a row. So you REALLY need to get a more conservative bankroll management if you're serious about poker. GL.
  3. If a good player plays 500 tubo sit and go's and 500 non-turbo sit and go's, he will have a higher ROI in the non-turbo. Unless the quickness of the turbo's outweighs the loss of $ per sit and go, non-turbos are more profitable.
  4. It takes forever for the non turbos to sign up. They do have more skill and that's why I like them more but it's just so much faster to play the turbos bcuz that's where the fish seem to be swimming. There's lots more donkey in turbos than in non-turbos in the 100, 200 dollar levels.
  5. from personal experience...i had 1300 sit and go's and an ROI of 17...500 sit and go's where I go through my worst run to date losing 4.5 k....ROI is 11. 250 is not enough.
  6. where are you getting those numbers?
  7. I'm being paid right now to play a loose passive style. I'm at this table where these two guys (one of which i broke, so 1 is left) all he does is limp and pay me off by bluffing into me when i have a hand. The only downside is my AF is decreasing like crazy which sucks. But I've almost quadroopled my buy in which is well worth it although I hate this style i'm playing, it's the most profitable against a guy who wont fold and keep bluffing. I hate looking at PT bcuz my overall AF reduced to like 3.5 from 5.His VPIP is 86! and his PFR% is 4..........lol
  8. God damn...i was talking on msn and was distracted and i donked off and left some suga' on the table and just called. I know it's right to push. I suck, let's leave it at that. arghhh! damn it. He had K6 so he definetly calls all in. P.S I suck....i can't believe i made such a horrendous mistake....someone shoot me....I don't think I've played any hand worse than this in my life.
  9. PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, $2 BB (3 handed) Hand History Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com (Format: FlopTurnRiver)SB ($117.75)BB ($232.40)Hero ($204.40)Preflop: Hero is Button with T, T. Hero raises to $6, 1 fold, BB calls $4.Flop: ($13) 3, T, K(2 players)BB checks, Hero bets $10, BB calls $10.Turn: ($33) 3(2 players)BB checks, Hero bets $20, BB calls $20.River: ($73) 3(2 players)BB bets $42, Hero ??Do we raise? My read on the guy is he just lost a buy in when another guy sucked out and he was bitching for a while...his vpip was 50 and pfr% was 25 approximately....do we push or just c
  10. That's not smart BR management. You're switching stakes all the time. You should get yourself in a zone for the next level and then start playing that level and give yourself some room to manouveur by allowing yourself to lose 5 buy ins or watever b4 moving down stakes. Seems more logical
  11. lol...ty OP...i wasted 5 minutes of my life.and guys...i'm pretty sure the OP is also sarcastic as to not understanding the other guys sarcasmm....at least i hope he is
  12. hmm...you could probe bet the turn to get a large raise in and then probe bet the river...probe bets have raise me i'm weak written all over them..But it depends on how you normally play. You have to stay consistent with your game plan so you're not easy to read.
  13. We've all been through this. What's your BR and what stakes do you play if you dont mind, because I think I deserve to get an award for most careful bankroll management. I have 320 sit and go's or sometimes 160 when i play 200s. Never played a 500 yet. And for cash games i have about 160 or 80 (but downswings are less then sit and gos) buy ins as well...that's carefull bankroll managemetn.
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