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  1. Suited__UP I remember when I used to read your blog about 3 years ago and you seemed like you were a great poker player. Cool to see you're still around but you have to make more money being an affiliate than playing poker seeing as you spend so much time on this site fishing for new players. No insult meant just curious.
  2. I just saw that some people on 2+2 also received this email and they emailed FTP support but didn't get anything back yet. Looks legit now I think I can quit my workstudy job and just take out a couple hundred from rake back every month for booze and the GF.
  3. Yeah I emailed them before I put this post up because I'm paranoid about this kind of stuff but FTP support usually takes forever. I also sent an email to the rakeback site asking what I should do to sign up as an existing player and here is what they said The sign up instructions for Full Tilt Poker are only for new player. Since you received the email from Full Tilt, we are able to move your existing account to our program. Just sign up with us, and enter your player ID you are currently using. You should see your stats updated tomorrow and you will receive rakeback on all play since Feb
  4. No I'm serious and I don't even know why I'm that loyal of a player. I play two tables of .25 .50 about 20 hours a week and have been bitching at support for a couple months on and off about getting rakeback. So i don't know if that was it but I don't know why I would be extremely loyal though I am a bronze iron man .I was just wondering if this was a scam because the site looks pretty sketch.
  5. Hey guys I came back from class today and checked my email only to find that my dreams have come true. affiliates@fulltiltpoker.com emailed me saying Hi XXXXXXX,As a valued player on our site, we are pleased to inform you that you have been selected to receive rakeback on all of your future play at Full Tilt Poker.Currently this opportunity is only available to a select group of loyal players that have played on our site without the ability to receive rakeback.To take advantage of this special offer, visit www.rakebackpros.com and sign up for an account. If you have any questions, please
  6. Hey guys I haven't been on here in a while and I was wondering if you all were still running a FCP HU tourney bracket style like back in march last year. I'd love to do one of these or help start one if anyone else is interested.
  7. Thanks man that was really helpful.
  8. Just to let you know this is small stakes im playing .10 .25 so maybe a looser style is still profitable because i should get paid off more often and be able to make better decisions post flop than these players because I believe I am much better than the average .10 .25 player.
  9. OK i thought they meant something special. I still dont know how exactly to go about lowering my VPIP other than just playing a lot tighter the problem is i don't know which hands to cut out of my range to reduce it to a profitable 20% from 30%/ If you could help me in maybe determining the hands tha I should exclude from my range that would be helpful.
  10. Yeah sorry it is 6 max nlhe. What I mean is that i know i play too many hands so I want to drop my preflop VPIP range to like 20-22%. When I go into pokerstove and go into preflop hand distributions the distribution is colored with pruplre red green and blue. It seems as if purple means hands that have a +ev. And red would be negative and I'm confused on the meaning of these colors. If you could instruct me how to use pokerstove to change my preflop to a lower vpip then that would be helpful. Is there a FAQ that I could use to figure this out?
  11. I just returned to playing poker after a couple months off and after playing about 6k hands im playing with a VPip of 31.05 and a pfr% of 18.29. I'm pretty sure my win rate of 5 BB/100 is only due to running good and that this style is not sustainable. Would that be a fair assumption? Also on to pokerstove. I'm trying to tighten up my preflop hand ranges so I can play more of a 20/ 18 style. I was wondering if someone could tell me what the colours mean when I change the preflop ranges on pokerstove or any other way to evaluate my preflop range in order to play a more profitable style.
  12. When you win a seat from a satellite can you exchange it for cash, tourney dollars, or anything else? I checked their website for like 20 minutes and I can't find anything. Cause i know on UB and PS you can get tourney dollars.
  13. Did anyone else see the commercial with Daniel playing Hockey for pokerstars. He had some sick spin moves I couldn't stop laughing. He had quite a game face.
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