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  1. harman just busted.. i had only seen her play on FTP once before, and i have to say she's one of the most talkative pros. Her or phil gordon, but it seems like it may have distracted her a bit from the tournament.
  2. good looks on that.. im watchin jen harman's table now bc i love her LOL
  3. live NL tourney, 2nd level.Blinds 50-100I'm in the SB with 9 -4 . (about 4k in chips4 players limp with relatively close sized stacks.I complete the blind, and BB checks. Flop: 9 -4 -A .I lead out for 400.3 folds, late position player calls.Turn- 10 check, checkRiver- 3 I check, limper bets 1200, I fold.After this hand, I was mulling this hand over in my head and thought about whether I was too passive on the turn, and perhaps should have made a "feeler" bet to get some information and have the limper define his hand more. Also, although this wasn't an overly aggressive player, I had th
  4. I'd have to agree. The maniac isn't your main concern, although there is always the possibility of him having a real hand such as A-K etc, and you simply don't have enough information (barring a sudden tell or something of that sort) to call. Also, as another player mentioned, the pot isn't offering great odds, and more importantly, it sounds like there will be plenty more oppurtunities to outplay these guys, without sticking all your money in preflop on little to no information.
  5. i was watching one of the wpt dvds, particularly the tournament that featured gus hansen, hoyt corkins, dn, jdags, and a few others. the dvd had an extra with commentary by dn and erick lindgren, in which they were talking about the benefits of a looser style of play rather than the traditional tight/aggressive. what made me most interested was the fact that they really didn't get into the details of it, but said that gus is a shining (yet extreme) example of it. they mentioned that their style of playing a lot of hands and seeing a lot of flops was beneficial in both cash games as well as tou
  6. my friend was talking to me the other night about how funny it would be if it came down to me and "boom boom" heads-up at the end. LOL It'd be like all the classic movie showdowns.But of course, I'd flop a straight and trap him for all his money.Then TP/MM
  7. olsen twins? if there were a third that would just make things worse for humanity.
  8. I posted this on the original thread, but I wanted to update the information a bit. After I sent the email to Fish Street poker about the dirty move one of their employees put on me (see original thread "classless play leads to loss of a big pot"), they responded by apologizing prefusely, as well as telling me that they have put the employee on a permanent warning, and only allow him to deal once a week at their room.The sweetest part of the email, is that they offered to stake me in one of their tournaments, as a sign of good will. That said, I worked out the details with the manager, and wil
  9. "... and that was the second time I got crabs."
  10. to reiterate the above posterzach's comment about the hoodie and glasses had a very obvious, yet omitted sw.nothing wrong with the ipod, i use mine all the time.. but the whole sunglasses thing will either make you a target or a joke.. probably both
  11. Does anyone know have a general idea of how they set up the structure of the HORSE or SHOE tourneys?After rummaging through my contacts, I finally found a handful of players who play other things beside NLH live, and I'm trying to set up a SHOE or HORSE home game, to go with my normal NL game.Since the players I found aren't very experienced in other games, I think a tournament style game would be best, since they probably won't be reloading too often if I made it a cash game.
  12. LOL This thread went from classy, to classier, to the classiest thing I've ever read in about 5 or 6 posts. I gotta go..I got a student alt-rock band comin on next.
  13. ::raises hand::I've been playing mostly LHE and stud recently, but yes, I'm definately guilty of this. Especially after a long limit session, head on down to the .05/.10 NL tables and just go on a donk-a-palooza for like 10 or 20 bucks LOL.
  14. It's gonna be tough for me to answer some of those, since I play at a local room that's very laid back. They do have a formal waiting list though, and usually at my place, you just go to whoever's on the floor and request to be put on it. At my place, I'm always greeted by someone, at which point I just ask them if there's any seats open at ___ limitsdealer tips are given in chips.. usually just thrown toward the dealer after a handUsually the dealer will recognize any move you make with your cards toward the center as a fold. Be careful with this, it can get you in trouble sometimes. The muck
  15. I play in a now infamous local card room in NY, and here's my attempt at answering some of your questions.Dealer tips- Mostly up to your discretion, but I usually do it in a fair sized pot, meaning a few raises and bets or a hand that gets shown down. I don't tip the dealer if I raise with say, K-K and everyone folds. I usually tip the dealer anywhere from $1-$5, at my usual 1/2 NL game, unless it's a huge pot.Chips- Usually, the protocol is just to buy them at the cage/cashier and bring them to the table. Most places also have chip runners, who bring you chips at the table, or dealers who can
  16. Same kind of thing happened to me live a week ago. 1/2 NL at the now well-known local cardroom. I sit with $125.This idiot sits down on my right and tries bullying me out of every pot, then donks off over $400 to me when i pick up QQ and KK. Then i flop a flush with KQ and he moves all-in at the turn. He then talks the obligatory garbage about how lucky i am etc etc I keep my mouth shut and my headphones on,and quietly cash out for $830 a few hours later.
  17. "Ok jfarrell, one more time, 2 pair does not beat trips got it?
  18. This might actually make me finally get off my ass and get TiVo...but if it's all NLH at the final table that is gayer than brokeback mountain..
  19. I decided to check up on this thread and read the new posts, after which I planned on sending Fish Street a second email, since I had never recieved a response, and to quote the rules stated in some of the posts. I was happy to see I had 2 new messages from them, and, as promised, here's what they said., I was away for the weekend and just getting to my e-mails now. I am sorry for the delayed response. I am going to make a few calls right now and inform the guys of what happened and find out how they want to proceed. I am sure we can try and make things right. Thank you for your understanding
  20. exactly...what did you think he had...you were the aggressor and he was calling you..even if he was bluffing at the flush, you don't have the hand to call a bet that big...what potential hand could you beat???...he could have been calling you with 2nd pair and hit 2pair with the A...just too much to think about and the pot was not big enough to warrant ' I'm curious, I have to see your cards'...that is absolute junk...who showed you that move??Not that it has anything to do with the discussion about the move this guy pulled, but to answer your question anyway...I thought he was on a stone bluf
  21. "No Mr. KK Rush""Can I go to the bathroom?"
  22. That's pretty much how I feel, which is why I complained, and wrote the letter.Unfortunately, still no response
  23. WOOO! Newest bubble boy right here baby!!!!me 10-10 vs. 4-4.flop: 3-5-6Turn: 7CardWarfare: 41st place.
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